Repertoires HCMF/CP/2/6

Dated 1978-2007

Extent: 1 bundle

Richard Steinitz's digests of works performed at HCMF 'Some important first performances' 1978-1986, premieres 1978-1997, list of composers featured at the festival undated [1978-1997], total of ensembles by type (eg new music, jazz, vocal) 1978-2010, list of ensembles 1978-2010, soloists 1978-2010, orchestras 1978-2007, duos 1979-2006, recitals by instrument (piano, violin, percussion etc) 1978-2008, choirs and vocal groups 1982-2008, Contemporary Music Network tours 1990-2006, theatre 2000-2007, music theatre/opera 1983-2006, dance 1984-2008, UK ensembles 1981-1990, women composers at Huddersfield 1979-1999.
Works performed by Recherche 1992-1999, 'Festival commissions funded by Arts Council England and Yorkshire Arts out of the Festival's core budget' 1995-1999, list of World premieres at HCMF 1993, printout of list of all music performed 1978-2005 sorted by year (RS note says compiled by interns).

Richard Steinitz file of repertoire lists; performed by London Sinfonietta 1996-2002, lists of full repertoire of different ensembles/instruments to inform selection of pieces at festivals; ensemble intercontemporain, Klangform Wien 1999, Psappha 1997, solo cello c1980, organ music c1989, violin and piano c1996, solo recitals c1985, two pianos c1985, wind quartet/quintet c1982, accordion undated.

Contemporary Music Network lists of 'works performed since 1972' 1983, works performed 1984-1985, touring programme 1997-1998, list of tours 1972-2000, list of performing groups c1985

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