Oral history materials for Huddersfield and Halifax-based nurses
  • GT/7/1

    Pamphlets Item

    1. Programme for Kirklees International Women's Day Festival. 2nd - 10th March 2002.
    2. Pamphlet for Video Archive at Oxford Brookes University.
    3. Pamphlet from Ripon Workhouse Museum - Yorkshire Poor Law Fact Sheet: Halifax Workhouse.
    4. General Medical Council pamphlet: Seeking patients' consent: the ethical considerations
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  • GT/7/2

    Published materials on nursing experiences Item

    Collection of published materials on general nursing experiences and practices. Includes pamphlets, article copies, booklets and other materials. Articles - about nursing experiences over the years.

    1. Green, Barbara and Friend, E., First experiences with incontinence. Home and Dry, p. 4-5.
    2. Green, Barbara, 1980. Don't Judge a nurse by her cap. Pacemaker, p. 22.
    3. Green, Barbara, 2003. Mad, bad and dangerous to know - 2. Journal of Community Nursing, 17 (3), p. 18-22.
    4. Lomas, Clare, 2005. The Legacy of Post-War Nursing. Nursing Times, 101 (44), p. 20-21.
    5. Glasper, Alan and Charles-Edwards, Imelda, 2002. The child first and always: The registered children's nurse over 150 years. Part one. Paediatric Nursing, 14 (4), p. 38-42.
    6. Chatterjee, Mahua, 2005. The good old days?. Nursing Times, 101 (25), p. 20-22.
    7. Green, Barbara, 'Sylum in the Sixties: A true record of conditions in a psychiatric hospital based on records kept at the time. 1963-1965.
    8. Price, Christine B., 2000. Voluntary Hospital Funding: The Keighley Hospital c1874 - 1948. MSc. University of Manchester.
    9. 2008. NHS 60th anniversary: A special supplement celebrating NHS nursing. Nursing Times, 104 (26)

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  • GT/7/3

    Factsheet on Pelican Badge Item

    A4 printout - about meaning of Pelican Badge as a symbol of nursing

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  • GT/7/4

    Nursing profession journals Item

    Set of publications relating to nursing profession

    1. The Nursing Mirror and Midwives' Journal, 55 (1417). May 21st 1932.
    2. The Nursing Mirror and Midwives' Journal, 55 (1420). June 11th 1932.
    3. The Nursing Mirror and Midwives' Journal, 66 (1712). January 15th 1938.
    4. The Nursing Mirror and Midwives' Journal, 66 (1716). February 12th 1938.
    5. The Nursing Mirror and Midwives' Journal, 66 (1720). March 12th 1938.
    6. The Nursing Times, (1711). February 12th 1938.
    7. The Nursing Times, (1715). March 12th 1938.

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  • GT/7/5

    Books on nursing profession Item

    3 Small books on the subject of nursing profession.

    1. Akester, Joyce M. and MacPhail, Angus N., 1963. Health Visiting in the Sixties: Based on a survey carried out in the city of Leeds. London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd. Donated by a Mrs Green, via Graham Thurgood. Print out of email from Hilary Haigh confirming donation is within cover of book.
    2. The General Nursing Council for England and Wales. 1977. Syllabus of Subjects for Examination and Record of Practical Instruction and Experience for the Certificate of General Nursing. London: Sir Joseph Causton and Sons Ltd.
    3. Mackensie, D.A.C., 1971. A Short History of Sutures. Ethicon Ltd.

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  • GT/7/6

    Books from Guy's Hospital School of Nursing Item

    2 short books, both from Guy's Hospital School of Nursing
    1. Guy's Hospital Nurses' League. History of Nursing: 1725 - 1968. Harpenden: NCH Printing Department.
    2. Guy's Hospital School of Nursing.
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