Philip Greenwood Archive
Collection containing materials on Philip Greenwood's PhD thesis which was on the Polish composer Andrzej Panufnik.
The collection contains photocopies of primary sources relating to Andrzej Panufnik which is believed to have be used for Greenwood's thesis. Also contains photocopies of secondary sources relating Andrzej Panufnik as well as contextual notes, all believed to have been used by Greenwood in the writing of his thesis along with administrative papers relating to Greenwood's PhD.

Includes research notes, reference publications, scores, correspondences and other writings relating either to Greenwood or Panufnik. Also contained is scores written by Andrzej Panufnik and other composers such as Jonathan Lloyd and Wilfred Josephs.
  • GND/1

    Andrzej Panufnik Sources Subfonds

    Scores by Andrzej Panufnik
    Panufnik Family Papers
    Photocopies of photographs of Andrzej Panufnik
    Interviews with Andrzej Panufnik
    Correspondence from Andrzej and Camilla Panufnik. One letter to Andrzej and Camilla Panufnik and one letter to C.B.S.O signed from numerous people in protest about Andrzej Panufniks chief conductorship of the C.B.S.O.
    Written work and talks by Panufnik
    Newspaper and magazine extracts about Andrzej Panufnik
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  • GND/2

    Andrzej Panufnik Project Papers Subfonds

    A copy of what is believed to have been Philip Greenwood's PHD with proposal
    Research believed to be linked to PHD including:
    Philip Greenwood's notes
    Unpublished material
    Contextual notes
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  • GND/3

    Reference Publication Subfonds

    Scores by Other Composers
    Music Theory
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  • GND/4

    Philip Greenwood Item

    Printed email from Bernard Jacobson to Philip Greenwood on the subject of a book project, 12 Feb 2003.
    Letter from Philip Greenwood to Lady Camilla Panufnik asking for access to source materials of Sir Andrzej Panufnik's works, 11 Mar 1994.
    Review of Philip Greenwood's musical 'Jeanne D' Arc' in The Stage and Television Today, 13 Jun 1991.
    Short story 'The Curse' by James Greenwood
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