Frobisher Family Photographs and Albums
Portrait photographs and albums featuring various members of the Frobisher family.
  • FRO/3/1

    Frobisher Family Photographs Item

    Glass plate portrait photographs, black and white, accompanied by a list of names. Featuring Ann Woffenden, William Frobisher, Hannah Frobisher, and Betsy Clarissa Pontefract.
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  • FRO/3/2

    Frobisher Family History Photograph Album Item

    Black and white photographs mainly of members of the Frobisher family and locations related to the family. Includes several documents and news cutting.
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  • FRO/3/3

    George Frobisher's Canadian Journey Photograph Albums Item

    Black and white photographs taken by George Frobisher on a tour around Canada, and particularly to locations associated with Sir Martin Frobisher. Albums contain indices labeling all photoraphs. Album 3 contains 9 photographs taken by George Murphy.
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  • FRO/3/4

    Photograph of 'Armada Descendants' Item

    Black and white photograph of individuals descended from those who fought the Spanish Armada, including Lord Howard of Effingham and George Frobisher.
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