Corporate Planning and Administration
records of Annual General Meetings including annual reports, committee minutes and administrative records relating to constitution, strategic planning etc.
  • EN/CP/1

    Annual Reports Item

    Annual reports of the:
    All England Women's Net Ball Association 1927-1932,
    All England Women's Association for Net Ball and other Hand Ball Games 1936-1940
    All England Netball Association 1959, 1964-1982
    All England Netball Association Limited 1983-2016

    AGM minutes are at EN/CP/4
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  • EN/CP/2

    Committee records Series

    minutes, reports and papers.
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  • EN/CP/3

    Central administration records Item

    folder 1
    papers and reports relating to strategic developments of the association including constitutions, and reports on new structures 1952-1997
    folder 2
    reports and specifications for the laying out of sports grounds and Netball courts 1946-1999
    folder 3
    Constitutions for the association and minutes of the constitution sub-committee 1945-1982
    folder 4
    report on constitution 1978, draft constitutions and minutes of constitution sub-committee 1981-1983

    Correspondence, official records including memorandum of association 1983, strategic plans and reports, annual accounts. [needs sorting and describing]
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  • EN/CP/4

    Annual General Meeting minutes Item

    The first surviving minute book contains minutes of both the AGM and Council meetings.

    1929-1934 1 bundle
    volume 1
    1935-1950 (AGM and Council)
    1951-1963 1 bundle
    volume 2 (AGM and EGM)
    volume 3 (AGM and EGM)

    The main series of Council records is at EN/CP/2/11

    Annual reports are at EN/CP/1

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