The Robin Adams Early Music Collection
Collection of commercially published vinyl LP records that relate to Early Music and particularly viol music. The collection was assembled by Robin Adams, a trustee of The Viola da Gamba Society.
  • EMC/26-5

    Triosonate für Blockflöte, Violine und Continuo Item

    Performed by Hans-Martin Linde (blockflöte); Ilse Brix-Meinert (violne); Johannes Koch (viola da gamba) and others
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  • EMC/26-6

    Mannheim and Vienna: Andante and Five Variations, G major, K. 501 Item

    Performed by Lilly Berger and Fritz Neumeyer (piano)
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  • EMC/26-7

    Canon in D; Air on the G String Item

    Performed by Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra dir. Jean-Francois Paillard
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  • EMC/26-8

    Partita No. 7, C minor Item

    Performed by Emil Seiler, Ilse Briz-Meinert (viola d'amore); Johannes Koch (viola da gamba); Horst Stöhr (double bass) and others
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  • EMC/26-9

    Concertino II, G major Item

    Performed by Festival Strings, Lucerne dir. Rudolf Baumgartner
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  • EMC/26-10

    Partita No. 2, G major Item

    Performed by Ferdinand Conrad (recoder); Johannes Koch (tenor gamba); Carl Gorvin (harpsichord)
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  • EMC/26-11

    Western Europe from 1650 to 1750: IX Suite pour la Flûte Traversiere avec la Basse Gontinue G major Item

    Performed by Gustav Scheck (flute); Fritz Neumeyer (harpsichord); Hannelore Müller (viola da gamba)
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  • EMC/26-12

    German Baroque Music: Suite for Lute, C minor; Partita for Lute Item

    Performed by Walter Gerwig (lute)
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  • EMC/26-13

    Konzert für Harfe (Orgel oder Cembalo) und Orchester op. 4 nr. 6 B-dur Item

    Performed by Nicanor Zabaleta (harp); Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin dir. Feren Fricsay
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  • EMC/26-14

    Introduction No. 8 Item

    Performed by no details
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