The Robin Adams Early Music Collection
Collection of commercially published vinyl LP records that relate to Early Music and particularly viol music. The collection was assembled by Robin Adams, a trustee of The Viola da Gamba Society.
  • EMC/25-62

    Baroque Music for Voice and Continuo Item

    Performed by Gerald English (tenor); Jennifer Ryan (bass viol); David Lumsden (chamber organ)
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  • EMC/25-63

    Peggie Sampson: The Contemporary Viola da Gamba Item

    Performed by Peggie Sampson (viola da gamba)
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  • EMC/25-64

    The Viola da Gamba Yesterday and Today Item

    Performed by August Wenzinger, Hannelore Mueller (viole da gamba)
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  • EMC/25-65

    Bassoon Concerto; Sonata in A; Orchestral Suite from La Princesse de Navarre; Concert No. 3 Item

    Performed by The Baroque Chamber Ensemble
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  • EMC/25-66

    Music of the Spanish Theater in the Golden Age (and Three Popular Sacred Songs) Item

    Performed by New York Pro Musica dir. John Reeves White
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  • EMC/25-67

    Musique d'Église Tudor (1): La Première Réforme Item

    Performed by The Clerkes of Oxenford dir. David Wulstan
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  • EMC/26-1

    Come Ye Sons of Art; Miserere Item

    Performed by Margaret Ritchie (soprano); Alfred Deller, John Whitworth (counter-tenors); Bruce Boyce (baritone) and others dir. Anthony Lewis
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  • EMC/26-2

    Ricercar a tre voci; Sonata con tre Violine; Concerto g-moll „La Notte“ Op. 10,2 Item

    Performed by Instrumental-Sextett Alma Musica
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  • EMC/26-3

    The Goldon Sonata & Fantasia Item

    Performed by The Jacobean Ensemble
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  • EMC/26-4

    Deutsche Barockmusik: Serie C: Die Ensemblesuite Item

    Performed by Viola da Gamba-Quartett der Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Fritz Neumeyer (cembalo)
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