The Robin Adams Early Music Collection
Collection of commercially published vinyl LP records that relate to Early Music and particularly viol music. The collection was assembled by Robin Adams, a trustee of The Viola da Gamba Society.
  • EMC/25-12

    Mirror of Love: Fortune's Fire Item

    Performed by Wynford Evans, Carl Shavitz, Peter Vel
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  • EMC/25-13

    Holbourne; Morley; Attaingnant and others Item

    Performed by Peter Pears (tenor); Julian Bream (lute) and others
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  • EMC/25-14

    Trois Leçons de Tenebres Item

    Performed by Micaëla Etcheverry (mezzo-soprano); Laurence Boulay (orgue and clavecin); Jean-Louis Charbonnier (viole de gambe)
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  • EMC/25-15

    The London Virtuosi….Volume 2 Item

    Performed by Anthony Camden (oboe); John Georgiadis (violin); Douglas Cummings (cello) and others
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  • EMC/25-16

    Suite in D Major for Viola da Gamba and String Orchestra; Concerto in G Major for Two Violas and String Orchestra and others Item

    Performed by Ernst Wallfische (viola da gamba, viola); Ulrich Koch (viola); Wüttemberg Chamber Orchestra, Heilbronn dir. Jörg Faerber; Susanne Lautenbacher, Adelheid Schäfer, Georg Egger (violins); The Stuttgart Solisten
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  • EMC/25-17

    Musique Allemande des 15e et 16e Siècles Item

    Performed by L'Ensemble Musica Aurea de L'Université de Liège
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  • EMC/25-18

    Actus Tragicus Cantata 106; Wachet Auf Cantata 140 Item

    Performed by Margaret Hallin (sopran); Margot Rödin (alt); Ulf Björkegren (tenor) and others; Adolf Fredriks Bachkör dir. Anders Öhrwall
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  • EMC/25-19

    Mainz: Am Hofe des Kurfürsten Lothar Franz con Schönborn Item

    Performed by Maria Friesenhausen (sopran); Sylvia Anderson (alt); Georg Jelden (tenor) and other soloists; Consortium Musicum, dir. Gerd Berg
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  • EMC/25-20

    Italian songs of the 16th and 17th centuries Item

    Performed by David Lumsden (organ, harpsichord); Jane Ryan (viola da gamba)
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  • EMC/25-21

    Music of Shakespeare's Time Item

    Performed by Charlotte Lehman (soprano); Martin Lill (lute); Luitgard Pohlert (harpsichord, clavichord, chamber organ); The Pohlert Renaissance Instrumental Ensemble
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