Victor Grayson, MP records
Records relating to Victor Grayson, Labour/socialist MP for the Colne Valley 1907-1910. The series includes records relating to Victory Grayson that were collected by the Colne Valley Labour Party and by David Clark (during his research into Grayson). The records include promotional materials from Grayson's election campaigns, photographs and postcards of Grayson, newspaper articles containing stories about Grayson and various other records.

Also an exhibition board of Victor Grayson following the declaration of the Colne Valley by election, 19 July 1907 [Local History Exhibition at the University of Huddersfield, 2006]
  • CVL/MP/1/1

    Victor Grayson material collected by the Colne Valley Labour Party Subseries

    1905-Late 20th century
    A file of original Colne Valley Labour Party records, 1906-1915, that predominantly relate to the Victor Grayson. These records were collected and mounted by the Colne Valley Labour Party at a later date. The preservation and mounting of these records reflects the Party taking a specific interest in preserving and promoting its history.
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  • CVL/MP/1/2

    David Clark's Victor Grayson research material Subseries

    A file of original and photocopied documents that relate Victor Grayson. It is believed that these records were used by David Clark during his research into Victor Grayson for the biography that he wrote about Grayson.
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