Constitution, rules and structure
Records concerning the constitution, rules and organisational structure of the of the Colne Valley Labour Party
  • CVL/GV/3/1

    Constitution and rules of the Colne Valley Labour Party Item

    Constitution and rules of Colne Valley Divisonal Labour Union and successor organisations: Colne Valley Labour League; Colne Valley Socialist League; Colne Valley Constituency Labour Party. Includes photocopies of the rules revised in 1893, 1900 and 1906, and original copies of the rules revised in c1935, 1975 and 1984. Also includes a records detailing the Party's standing orders for meetings and other activities, and the model rules for the Colne Valley Labour Party Women's Council together with an invitation to the inaugural meeting of the Council on 21 Oct 1970.
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  • CVL/GV/3/2

    Rules of related organisations Item

    Mid 20th century - 1984
    Rules of Labour/socialist organisations collected by the Colne Valley Party. Including photocopies of: The Socialist Ten Commandments; the Aims, Objectives and Organisation of Socialist Sunday Schools; and the Rules of the Skelmanthorpe Independent Labour Party Working Men's Club, 1923. The records also includes original copies of The Rules of the Lincoln Labour Club, c 1969, and Institute and The Rules of The Workers Northern Publishing Society Limited, which includes an enclosed letter and share a certificate concerning Huddersfield Labour Party, 1957-1958, and a letter from Yorkshire Regional Council of The Labour Party enclosing the Model Rules for Workplace Branches of The Labour Party, 1984.
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  • CVL/GV/3/3

    Organisational structure Item

    Records concerning the organisational structure of the Colne Valley Constituency Labour Party, its branches and affiliated societies.
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  • CVL/GV/3/4

    Disciplinary records Item

    4 Jan 1972
    A letter concerning the disciplinary action taken over a member of the Colne Valley Labour Party also being a member of the Communist Party.
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  • CVL/GV/3/5

    Policy Consultation Documents Item

    Includes documents regarding changes and adjustments that the Labour Party must to address social issues and maintain support. Also contains a report on the structiring of fundraising events.
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  • CVL/GV/3/6

    Data Protection Registration Item

    Documentation regarding the data protection registration for the Colne Valley Labour Party. Includes information on fees and what the nature of processing
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