Colne Valley Divisional Labour Party branch minutes
Minutes of the individual Party branches of the Colne Valley Divisional Labour Party, including minutes for Bradley, Homlfirth, Meltham and District, and Slaithwaite
  • CVL/GV/1/3/1

    Bradley Ward Labour Party minutes Item

    The volume contains the minutes of the Bradley Ward Labour Party Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings. The minutes record that Joseph Percival William Mallalieu, MP for Huddersfield East, spoke at a number of meetings.
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/2

    Holmfirth Urban District Labour Party minute book Item

    Includes minutes of Executive Committee Meetings, General Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Quarterly General Meetings and Sub-Committee Meetings.
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/3

    Meltham and District Labour Club minute book Item

    The minutes record the founding of the Club on 22 Sep 1893, the decision for the Club to join the Colne Valley Labour Union in Dec 1898 and to rename the Club the Meltham Branch of the Colne Valley Labour Union in May 1896.
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/4

    Meltham Branch of the Colne Valley Labour Union minute book Item

    The minutes record Philip Snowden speaking at meetings in Meltham
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/5

    Meltham and District Labour Club contribution book and Meltham Branch of the Independant Labour Party minute book Item

    The first section of this volume was used to record the contribution of members of the Meltham and District Labour Club between 1893 and 1989. The volume has then been used to record the minutes of Meltham Branch of the Independant Labour Party between 1907 and 1908.

    Due to reorganisation, the branch ceased to exist in May 1900 and became part of the Southern Group of the Colne Valley Labour League. The minutes indicate a strong emphasis on propaganda and education at branch level, and span a period of revitalisation for the party in the Colne Valley, from a low point in 1899 to 1907 when the Branch Secretary was able to record 'a very successful year in many respects'
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/6

    Meltham Socialist Party minute book Item

    This volume includes minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings and the Annual General Meetings. During part of the time that this volume covers, the Branch, through membership of the Colne Valley Socialist League, was affiliated to the British Socialist Party. On 26 Jan 1919 the Party agreed to become affiliated to the Independent Labour Party and change its name to the Meltham Branch of the Independent Labour Party.

    The minutes record that the Party held balls annually over the Christmas and New Year period. On 14 Nov 1914, 24 Dec 1914 and 23 Jan 1915 the Party held balls at Liberal Hall in aid of the Belgian Refugees Relief Fund, while on 17 Oct 1916 the Committee agreed 'to arrange for one ball only (on) 23 Dec 1916, owing to the likelihood of a poor attendance on Boxing Day... due to the young men being taken away to the War'.

    The minutes also record that: on the 28 Sep 1915 the Committee agreed to give £1 to the fund for the Relief of Russian Political Prisoners in Siberia; on 27 Nov 1917 the Committee agreed to 'write Comrade Ernest Victor Quarmby, conscientious objector to military service, who has been court marshalled three times and (is) now in the Work Centre, Knutsford Prison, Cheshire, to let him know that though he is at present out of sight, he is not out of mind, and reminded him of the good feeling that still exists towards him at home'; on 16 Mar 1919 the Committee agreed to 'write the local MP, Prime Minister, Home Secretary & Chairman of Parliamentary Labour Party, protesting against the continued imprisonment of conscientious objectors to military service since the signing of the armistice' and they agreed that in response to an advert by the Council, the most suit War Memorial would be the building of public baths with Gymnasium; on 19 Oct 1919 Sylvia Pankhurst spoke at a meeting of the Branch at Oddfellow's Hall.
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/7

    Meltham Ward Labour Party agendas, accounts and correspondence Item

    The records include agendas for Annual General Meetings of Meltham Ward Labour Party, a statement of accounts for 1974 and receipts 1975-1976, and correspondence regarding meetings of the Party and a newsletter. There is also a newspaper article concerning the 1979 Labour Party conference. During this period the Meltham Ward Labour Party became the Meltham Branch Labour Party.
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/8

    Slaithwaite Labour Club accounts and minute fragments Item

    Photocopies of the Slaithwaite Labour Club accounts and minute book fragments. The first pages contain the accounts of the Club 1899-1912, followed by minutes of the Club from 2 Jul 1930 to 25 Aug 1931.
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/9

    Slaithwaite Ward Labour Party minute book Item

    Nov 1964-Nov 1971
    The volume contains the minutes of the Slaithwaite Ward Labour Party Executive Committee Meetings and Annual General Meetings. The minutes of the first meeting recorded in this volume (on 10 Nov 1964) state that this was the first meeting of the Party for nearly two years. The volume also includes the details of committee members and secretaries.
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