Colne Valley Socialist League minute book CVL/GV/1/1/1910

Dated 1910-1928

Extent: 1 volume

The minutes record the readoption of Victor Grayson as socialist candidate for the Colne Valley in April 1911 and his resignation in 1915. The minutes also record: the secession of the League from the Independent Labour Party and its affiliation to the British Socialist Party; the decisions to invite notable speakers to visit the Colne Valley including Leonard Hall and Henry Mayers Hyndman; the League's protest at the arrests of trade unionists and the treatment of strikers by the government in 1912; Victor Grayson's letter of resignation as the Colne Valley Parliamentary candidate in May 1915; the events of conferences held on 20 Jan 1917 and 14 Apr 1917 in which it was agreed that a Divisional Labour Party for the Colne Valley should be formed; on 19 May 1917 the party agreed to send the secretary as a delegate to the Leeds conference on the Russian Revolution; the selection of Wilfred Whiteley as the Labour candidate for the 1918 election; the decision to reform the League in Oct 1918. The minute book also includes the minutes of the Slaithwaite County Council Election Committee (1919), minutes of the Golcar County Council Election Committee (1925), and minutes of the ILP Federation (1919-1928). At the back of the volume the details of the Executive Committee members are given.

Regarding the First World War, at an Annual Council Meeting on 8 Apr 1916 the minutes record that the League 'reaffirms its belief in the principles of International Socialism, and, in our opinion, the only war with which the workers are concerned is the Class War, which affects workers in every civilised country, irrespective of race, colour or creed.' and the Council resolved that 'the Colne Valley Socialist League organise a "Stop the War Campaign" throughout the constituency'. On 14 Sep 1918 the minutes record that 'a resolution of protest be sent to the Prime Minister and Secretary [of the] Labour Party against the Allied forces going to Russia.'

Minutes and committee papers

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