Press monitoring
Newspaper articles and advertisements concerning politics in the Colne Valley area created or collected by the Colne Valley Labour Party
  • CVL/EM/3/1

    Newspaper cuttings relating to Richard Wainwright MP Item

    Newspaper cuttings relating Richard Wainwright who was Liberal MP for the Colne Valley in 1966-1970 and 1974-1987. Wainwright first became the Liberal candidate for Colne Valley in 1956, and stood in the 1959 General Election, the 1963 by-election, and the 1964 General Election, until he finally gained the seat in 1966. At the following General Election in 1970 Wainwright was defeated by Labour's David Clark, but re-gained the seat at the Feb 1974 General Election. He retained his seat until he retired at the 1987 General Election.

    The newspaper articles cover a range of stories including several articles about Richard Wainwright swimming in the moorland stream at Eastergate, Marsden in Aug 1973. This was in reaction to David Clark's (MP) claims that bathing in the area was becoming increasingly unlikely because of Huddersfield Corporation's abstraction of water from the streams. This file also contains a series of Richard Wainwright election flyers from 1959 to 1974.
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  • CVL/EM/3/2

    Advertisements in local newspapers for David Clark Item

    Advertisements submitted by the Colne Valley Constituency Labour Party to local newspapers advertising the opportunity to meet David Clark at election events
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  • CVL/EM/3/3

    Election Special newspaper published by The Conservative Party Item

    Concerning the Huddersfield and Colne Valley area
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  • CVL/EM/3/4

    Newspaper cuttings relating to the Colne Valley Labour Party Item

    Various newspaper articles relating to local politics and the Colne Valley Labour Party. The articles concern a wide range of stories including: recollections of Harold Wilson opening the Golcar Socialist Club; Yunus Chowdrey declining the invitation to follow JPW Mallalieu as Labour candidate for Huddersfield East upon Mallalieu's retirement in 1979; and the Colne Valley Urban District Council and Holme Valley Urban District Council's opposition to the local government reorganisation recommended in the Maud Report.
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  • CVL/EM/3/5

    Newspaper cuttings relating to Kenneth Davy Item

    Newspaper articles concerning Kenneth E Davy who was the Conservative candidate for the Colne Vallley constituency at the 1970 and both 1974 General Elections. The cuttings include articles relating to Davy's stance on the Common Market and his policy regarding government-aided mortgages for first time buyers.
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  • CVL/EM/3/6

    The Yorkshire and Humber Chronicle Item

    Newspaper article from the Yorkshire and Humber Chronicle regarding the compaign against David Cameron.
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