Colne Valley Labour Party Archive
Records created by the Colne Valley Labour Party in the course of its activities in promoting the support and election of Labour Party candidates for local and parliamentary elections in the Colne Valley parliamentary constituency.

The collection includes the core administrative records of meeting minutes, annual reports, constitution and rules records, financial accounts, membership records, marketing records, correspondence and working papers. There is also a large amount of material that relates specifically to the Party's work and activities while contesting elections (particularly General Elections) in the Colne Valley.

There is also a small but significant section of records that relate to the Colne Valley Labour Party creating, collecting and preserving records that reflect its history, these records include souvenir histories and other significant records that the Party believed were important to preserve. Also included in this material are records that relate to Victor Grayson who was a labour candidate for the Party, 1907-1915, and MP for the Colne Valley constituency, 1907-1910. Also two exhibition boards, one of Harlod Wilson supporting David Clark in the 1970s General Election and one of William Hall[local history exhibition at the University of Huddersfield, 2006]

The Colne Valley Labour Party existed under a number of names and been affiliated to a number of different organisations since it was formed in 1891 as the Colne Valley Division Labour Union. Details of the Party's history can be found below in the Administrative History.
  • CVL/EL

    Elections Subfonds

    Records created and collected by the Colne Valley Labour Party in the course of contesting Local, National and European elections in the Colne Valley area. There are considerably more records that relate to General Elections than local and european elections. The records concern: administration; finance and expenses; selection of parliamentary candidates; meetings and itineraries; marketing; election results and analysis.
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  • CVL/EM

    Engagement and marketing Subfonds

    Records concerning the Colne Valley Labour Party's promotional and engagement work, including events, publications, press monitoring, Labour song sheets, anniversary celebrations and heritage.
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  • CVL/FN

    Finance and estate Subfonds

    Records concerning the finances and estate of the Colne Valley Labour Party. The records cover both the central finances of Party and those of the individual branches.
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  • CVL/GV

    Governance Subfonds

    Records concerning the central administration and governance of the Colne Valley Labour Party. These records include the minutes and annual reports of the Party, as well as records concerning the constitution, rules and structure of the Party.
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  • CVL/MB

    Membership Subfonds

    Records concerning the membership of the Colne Valley Labour Party.
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  • CVL/MP

    MPs Subfonds

    Records created and collected by the Colne Valley Labour Party relating to the Party's notable MPs Victor Grayson and William Glenvil Hall. Victor Grayson was MP for Labour/socialist MP for the Colne Valley 1907-1910 and William Glenvil Hall was Labour MP for the Colne Valley 1939-1962.
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  • CVL/WP

    Working papers and correspondence Subfonds

    Various correspondence and working papers created or received by the Colne Valley Labour Party in the course of its business. The records relate to a wide range of party business. The original order of these records has been maintained.
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