Letter from Gerald Hughes to Donald Crossley CRS/2/2/5

Dated 2003

Extent: 1 Letter

Letter dated 24th of March 2003 from Gerald Hughes, addressed to Donald Crossley thanking him for the pictures he had sent in his last letter to Hughes, before commenting how much he misses Ted. He goes on to talk about Stanley Boocock's henpen and the damage a fire has done to the surrounding area - before mentioning a drum they had hidden which they would beat. Hughes mentions the poem 'Two', confirming Crossley's idea that it was located around 'Sugar-Loaf Hill' and reminiscing about their childhood and a shooting mishap. Hughes offers to copy some targets of his and Ted's from a shoot-out they shared in Devon - before ending the letter with a short story about launching gliders off 'Sugar-Loaf Hill'.


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