Material from Yorkshire Constituency Labour Parties: Leeds Holbeck; Leeds NE; Vale of York; Also N Yorks County LP;
This section requires further detailed cataloguing, which will be carried out during 2020.
The names of the constituencies, organisations and dates have not been cross-checked

This is a temporary summary as at January 2019:
Material from
Leeds - Holbeck Constituency Labour party 1960s/1970s - 4 boxes
North East Leeds Constituency Labour party/other Leeds 1970s-1990s - 6 boxes
Leeds City Council -1 box
Leeds Morley - 1 box
General - 1 box
Co-operative Party - 1 box
Miscellaneous - 1 box
North Yorks County Labour Party Records - 1985-2012 (see boxes 16 and 17 below)
Vale of York CLP Accounts - 1994-2001 (see box 18 below)

Box 16 - North Yorkshire County Labour Party:
- Loose papers, 2005
- Local Government Committee minutes, 2003-2004
- Nominations for 2001 local elections, 2000
- Local Goverment Committee, c 1997-2001
- General Election 1997 financial records
- Attendance register, 1985-1996
- Ringbinder labelled "Archive material from 1996", containing letters, minutes and documents, 1996-1998

Box 17 - North Yorkshire County Labour Party:
- Local Goverment Committee, 2009-2012
- Thirsk and Malton documents, 2011
- Bundle with material for various local elections, 2013
- Folder with material for various local elections, 2009
- Ringbinder with nomiations for 2005 local elections, 2004

Box 18 - Vale of York Constituency Labour Party
- CLP accounts 1994-1997 with campaign fund accounts 1996-1998
- CLP accounts, 1997-2003
- CLP consolidated accounts, 2000
- CLP accounts, 2001
- Material relating to membership and membership systems in the Vale of York, late 1990s
  • CHN/8/11

    Leeds Labour party 1980's, early 2000's Series

    Various materials regarding Leeds Labour Party with a main focus on the early 1980's.
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  • CHN/8/12

    Leeds Labour Party 1990's-2006 Series

    Box with multiple items and folders. Contains items that are mostly official guides and booklets that were published during Tony Blair's premiership.
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  • CHN/8/13

    West Yorkshire Local Parties 1966-1982 Series

    Box with multiple folders. They contain items concerning political parties in Yorkshire, the majority focusing West Yorkshire, Leeds Holbeck under the Labour party.
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  • CHN/8/14

    Co-operative Party 1975-2005 Series

    Box containing multiple folders and individual items. The folders and items concerns the Co-operative Party, a sister party to the Labour Party. Mostly focuses on Leeds.
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  • CHN/8/15

    West Yorkshire and Leeds West Labour Party Materials Series

    Multiple items regarding West Yorkshire Party Politics, with focus on Leeds and the Labour Party.
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