Leeds Holbeck Constituency Labour Party 1960's-1970's
Box with multiple folders. Contains folders relating to the Leeds Holbeck Labour Party in West Yorkshire in the 1960's and 1970's.
  • CHN/8/4/1

    Boundary Commission for England, Second Periodical Report Item

    June 1969
    Report on the redistribution of seats. This is the second periodical report in ongoing reviews that have to occur at least once every 10 years as ordered by Parliament. It contains electorate figures for every voting district in England.
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  • CHN/8/4/2

    Boundary Commission for England, Second Periodical Report Maps Item

    June 1970
    Maps showing the boundaries of administrative areas, boroughs and the recommended re-distribution of seats in England and Wales, as recommended by the commission report.
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  • CHN/8/4/3

    Leeds Labour Publishing society financial records 1969-1972 Item

    Financial records of Leeds Labour Publishing Society from 1969-72, contains annual returns, trading account records and Balance sheets.
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  • CHN/8/4/4

    1975 European Communities membership referendum (EEC) Item

    Various material regarding the referendum concerning the UK's continued membership of the European Community (Common Market) which it had joined in 1973. Mostly material from the 'Get Britain Out' campaign, such as correspondence and Campaign material.
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  • CHN/8/4/5

    Labour Party Young Socialists Item

    Material regarding the Labour Party Young Socialist branch, including a rulebook and news clippings.
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  • CHN/8/4/6

    Leeds Labour Party Financial records 1977-1978 Item

    Financial records for Leeds Labour Party 1977-1978. Contains Income and expenditure, balance sheets and Financial statements.
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  • CHN/8/4/7

    Leeds Holbeck Municipal elections 1972-1975 Item

    Various material regarding Municipal Council elections in Leeds Holbeck from 1972 until 1975. Contains Electoral Division figures, election outcomes, campaign material and correspondence regarding the elections.
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  • CHN/8/4/8

    North-West Leeds General Election 1974 Item

    Various items regarding the Parliamentary Election in 1974 for the North West Leeds Constituency. Contains mostly campaign material such as flyers for all parties, as well as election results.
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