West Yorkshire and Leeds West Labour Party Materials
Multiple items regarding West Yorkshire Party Politics, with focus on Leeds and the Labour Party.
  • CHN/8/15/1

    North East Leeds Division Labour Party Income and Expenditure Item

    Large book with financial records of East Leeds Labour Party, later Pudsey. Contains details and breakdowns of income and expenditure on a yearly basis.
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  • CHN/8/15/2

    Leeds Labour Party Campaign material 1976-1979 Item

    Miscellaneous Labour Party Parliamentary, European and Council election Campaign material. Features leaflets for individual candidates as well as the collective Labour Party.
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  • CHN/8/15/3

    Leeds Political Parties and Political Campaign material 1976-1979 Item

    Assorted Party Parliamentary, European and Council election Campaign material. Includes leaflets from the Conservative Party, No Poll Tax flyers and various material relating to the National Front.
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  • CHN/8/15/4

    Leeds and Yorkshire Evening Post Newspaper Publications on City/transport development Item

    Five newspaper publications that detail the development of the City of Leeds and its transport. All are feature multiple photographs. Part One and Two of Changing Leeds, which comments on architecture (1968). Leeds Trams Trolleys & Buses, examines 100 years of Public Transport in Leeds (1971). Old Yorkshire, has a collection Victorian photographs that show the streets, people and notable buildings and locations in individual locations in Yorkshire (1973). Leeds Heritage, looks at the city's historical roots (1971).
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  • CHN/8/15/5

    Leeds Labour Party and local issues newspaper cuttings Item

    Multiple newspaper cuttings regarding the Labour Party, Labour Party Policies and current issues in Leeds. Includes clippings from The Guardian, the Weekly Citizen, The Socialist Organiser, The Times and other major organisations.
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  • CHN/8/15/6

    Leeds Labour Party material 1975-1991 Item

    Folder which contains miscellaneous material regarding Leeds Labour Party. Includes Poll results for Leeds City Council Election of Councillors 1975-1971, correspondence, party statements and 3 Collectors books for Harehills Roundhay in the North East Leeds Labour Party.
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  • CHN/8/15/7

    West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council facts and figures Booklet Item

    Booklet published by West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council Planning and Transport Committee, contains information in written, statistical and graph form regarding West Yorkshire and its five metropolitan districts: Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield.
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