Leeds Labour Party 1990's-2006
Box with multiple items and folders. Contains items that are mostly official guides and booklets that were published during Tony Blair's premiership.
  • CHN/8/12/1

    Election '92 Guide (9 Items) Subseries

    9 publications in the It's Time for Labour Election '92 series that focuses on Yorkshire prior to the 1992 General Election.
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  • CHN/8/12/10

    1993 Regional Development Plan Draft Item

    The Northern and Yorkshire Labour Party Regional Development Plan first Draft from October 1993. Regards Key issues, objectives and upcoming key tasks.
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  • CHN/8/12/11

    'Britain is Working' Labour Party Promotional posters (5 Items in 1 Folder) Item

    5 graphic posters that were used to encourage the electorate to continue voting Labour under the slogan 'Britain is working, don't let the Tories take us back to…'. Mentions unemployment, interest rates, inflation and economic growth.
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  • CHN/8/12/2

    Leeds Labour Party 1990-1991 Item

    Various material including correspondence and reports regarding the Leeds Labour Party, such as poll results for the Mid-Staffordshire by-election and the resignation of MP's.
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  • CHN/8/12/3

    Leeds Local government election press cuttings Item

    Newspaper cuttings from local news outlets, such as the Yorkshire Evening Post, regarding the run-up to the 1991 Council elections.
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  • CHN/8/12/4

    Labour Party guide Sustainable Communities, Better Transport Item

    A National Policy Forum Consultation Document Published by the Labour Party for Labour Party Members and Councillors regarding the examination of party values. Discussion in the documents cover: Justice, security and the community, Education, Quality of Life, sustainability, transport and Britain in the Global economy.
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  • CHN/8/12/5

    21st century party- the next steps Item

    The NEC Labour Party Development Taskforce report for 2003. Regards Party Organisation, using modern technology, strengthening Trade Union links, accountability and fairness, options for a modern party and the work of Head and Regional offices .
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  • CHN/8/12/6

    Labour Party Report to Conference (Manchester 06) Item

    The National Policy Forum Report to the 2006 Labour Party Annual Conference that was from the 24th-28th September in Manchester. Regards Britain in the World, Creating Sustainable Communities, Crime, justice, citizenship and equalities, Education and skills, health, and Prosperity and work policy.
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  • CHN/8/12/7

    Labour Party Operation.3rd term Item

    Documents and a guide for local constituencies regarding telephone contacting, a model residents survey, Labour.Link (a technology and computer service), and Labour websites, for the upcoming General election.
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  • CHN/8/12/8

    Operation Outreach 2002 strategy Item

    The Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Labour Party strategy for 2002 onwards seeking to assist members in promoting the Labour party and its programme, values and objectives.
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