Leeds Labour party 1980's, early 2000's
Various materials regarding Leeds Labour Party with a main focus on the early 1980's.
  • CHN/8/11/1

    Election '81 Item

    A booklet by West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council that details full election results for in West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Councils from 1973 to 1981.
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  • CHN/8/11/10

    A Future Fair for all Campaign toolkit Item

    A campaign toolkit and guide issued by the Labour Party for MP's and Councillors with the aim of getting them to engage with the community to turn Labour into the natural party for governing.
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  • CHN/8/11/2

    Dudley West Opposition Print by-election 1994 Item

    A folder containing campaign material from major political parties Parliamentary Candidates, such as Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the National Front, for the 1994 Dudley West by-election.
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  • CHN/8/11/3

    Leeds Labour Party 1970's Item

    Various material regarding the Labour Party in North Yorkshire (Leeds) in the 1970's, contains news clippings and 1977 election results for Leeds and Manchester.
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  • CHN/8/11/4

    Yorkshire Labour Party 1981-1983 Item

    Various material regarding the Labour Party in Yorkshire (Leeds), contains membership records for wards in Leeds, a 1981 agenda for the Young Socialist party and correspondence, and material relating to the lead-up to the 1983 General election.
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  • CHN/8/11/5

    News Clippings 1983 General election Item

    News cuttings regarding the 1983 General election Parliamentary election, has a Yorkshire-centric focus. The newspapers are mostly regional, such as The Yorkshire Evening Post.
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  • CHN/8/11/6

    Yorkshire Labour Party, Council Elections 1984-1986 Item

    Various material regarding the Labour Party in North Yorkshire (Leeds), contains mostly correspondence regarding local issues, Council agenda, meeting rooms, and Council elections. Also contains news clippings and Municipal Council election results.
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  • CHN/8/11/7

    Yorkshire Labour Party 1986-1989 Item

    Various material regarding the Labour Party in North Yorkshire (Leeds). Contains mostly correspondence regarding council meeting attendance, local issues and local party membership records.
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  • CHN/8/11/8

    Kirkstall Branch, Labour Party Item

    Folder containing correspondence and an inquiry report into the conduct of the Kirkstall Branch of the Leeds Labour Party's shortlisting procedure.
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  • CHN/8/11/9

    Labour Party Publications 2001-2004 Item

    Various material regarding the Labour Party in Leeds and Yorkshire. Contains booklets and newsletters issued by the Labour Party from 2001 to 2004 , such as a Campaign pack for 2002 Council elections, as well as items of correspondence between Councillors.
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