Leftwing publications collected by Colin Challen
Includes (mostly incomplete) runs of the following publications
CHN/LP/1 Campaigns and Elections Magazine
CHN/LP/2 Civic Venom, a Magazine for Deep Greens
CHN/LP/3 Class War
CHN/LP/4 Democratic News
CHN/LP/5 State Research
CHN/LP/6 Leeds Labour Active (complete run)
CHN/LP/7 The Leveller
CHN/LP/8 Red Pepper
CHN/LP/9 Labour Crisis
CHN/LP/10 Statewatch (complete run)
CHN/LP/11 Undercurrents
CHN/LP/12 Other non-labour Publications
  • CHN/6/1

    Campaigns and Elections Magazine Item

    Incomplete set of volumes running from V.19 No 5 (April 1998) to V.25, No 10 (Dec/Jan 2004/5). Also includes Disk and manual (undated)
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  • CHN/6/10

    Statewatch Item

    "Statewatch is a bulletin and online database produced by an independent research group of journalists, writers, lawyers, lecturers and community activists" Contains research, information and sources on the following areas; policing, the law and courts, civil defence and emergency planning, Northern Ireland, the PTA and the Irish community, Civil Liberties, Europe, Official Secrecy, the Military, the State, government and politics, racism and fascism, immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, prisons, the Security and Intelligence services

    Complete run Vol,1 No1 (March/April 1991) to Vol, 23 No3/4 (Feb 2014)
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  • CHN/6/11

    Undercurrents Item

    Undercurrents - The Magazine of Radical Science and People's Technology
    Incomplete run. Issues: No8 (Oct/Nov 1974), No10-14, 16-34, 36-37, 39 (April/May 1980)
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  • CHN/6/12

    Various Non-Labour Publications Item

    Various left-wing publications including

    Leeds and District Weekly Citizen (12/9/1913)
    International Times
    Challenge magazine
    Humber Labour Briefing (No2- No4)
    Historical pamphlets relating to Labour history
    International Socialism50
    Views Magazine (4 vols)
    Amicus Vote Labour 2007 GE. (1 disc)
    Other publications relating to Labour and left-wing thought
    Clipping from Interational Herald Tribute (7-8/3/2009)
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  • CHN/6/2

    Civic Venom, A Magazine for Deep Greens Item

    Undated magazine, 8 volumes. 4 with no number, then issues 5-8.
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  • CHN/6/3

    Class War Item

    2 issues, No. 32 and 33 (c. 1989)
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  • CHN/6/4

    Democratic News Item

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  • CHN/6/5

    State Research Item

    State Research Bulletins 1 (Oct 1977) - 31 (Aug/Sept 1982)
    State Research Pamphlet No1 'The Secret State' by E.P. Thompson (May 1979)
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  • CHN/6/6

    Leeds Labour Active Item

    Pilot Issue 1994 - Winter 1998. Complete run
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  • CHN/6/7

    The Leveller Item

    Issues of the Leveller (The New Radical Examiner). Incomplete run
    Pilot issue (Feb 1976)
    No3 (Feb 1977) -No9 (Nov 1977)
    No12 (Feb 1978) -No34 (Jan 1980)
    No36 (Mar 1980) - No91 (Feb 1983)
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