Material relating to Colin Challen's role as Regional Organiser for the Labour Party
CHN/3/1 election campaign materials
CHN/3/2 election cycle papers: West Hull, Leeds, Sheffield
CHN/3/3 reports from Labour Cooperative Group; Yorkshire Regional Council Executive Committee; European Labour Party; individual Humberside and Yorkshire MEPs
CHN/3/4 Leeds District Labour Party
CHN/3/5 photographs of events in Leeds North (campaigning), Elmet (regional events) and York (photos of Staff - 1995)
CHN/3/6 papers from Computing for Labour Group
CHN/3/7 general work of the regional organiser
  • CHN/3/1

    Election Campaign Materials Item

    Part of the role of regional organiser seems to have involved monitoring the election pamphlets and marketing materials of Labour candidates across the country, and those of the opposition. This series contains:

    Box 1: Yorkshire Regions
    Box 2: Yorkshire Regions
    Box 3: Non-Yorkshire Regions / MEPs
    Box 4: Opposition Parties and US Presidential Elections 2008

    Canvas Map Bag: This contains posters as campaign advertising from socialist parties in many countries across the world, including Australia, Portugal, Russia, Germany, UK, and other Eastern European countries.
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  • CHN/3/2

    Election Cycle Papers Item

    This series contains papers relating to the local and general elections in the regional area. They contain campaign material, results, correspondence, proposals for election reform, reports into victories in certain areas by other parties, and anaysis of results.

    - 1987 local elections - West Hull area
    - 1996 local elections - Leeds area
    - 1999 local elections - Sheffield area
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  • CHN/3/3

    External Group Reports Item

    This series contains reports relating to different groups Challen was involved with or followed during his time in the regional organiser post, including:

    - Labour Cooperative Group
    - Yorkshire Regional Council Executive Committee
    - European Labour Party
    - Humberside and Yorkshire MEPs
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  • CHN/3/4

    Leeds District Labour Party Records Item

    These folders contain the minutes of District Labour party meetings from throughout the 1990s, details relating to the selection of candidates for the 2002 local elections, and election campaign materials from opposition parties carried out as research.
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  • CHN/3/5

    Photographs Item

    This series contains photographs detailing life, campaigning and events in the local consituencies of Leeds North (campaigning), Elmet (regional events) and York (photos of Staff - 1995), includes photographs of Tony Blair's visit to Leeds in 1997.
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  • CHN/3/6

    Papers from Computing for Labour Group Item

    These papers relate to projects and software utilised throughout the 1990s by the members of the Computing for Labour Group, of whom Challen was a members. They relate to the use of new software and web platforms to contact and correspond with members and constitutents; issues such as cyber security and surfing the web safely; and the Millennium Bug.
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  • CHN/3/7

    Papers of the Regional Organiser Item

    Papers relating to Challen's work as a regional organiser in the Yorkshire area. Includes, but is not limited to:

    Regional organiser job role and terms and conditions paperwork
    Reports from the Regional Organiser as to ongoing work
    Paperwork from projects carried out in the region and correspondence with other branches of the party
    Planning, organisation and funding of election campaigns, and accompanying election pamphlets and materials
    Project files, relating to attempts to commemorate local people of note to Labour interests in the local environment
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