Score: Israeli Folk Tunes (For Strings) BMC/Tate/1/2/5

Dated nd

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This collection of Israeli folk tunes consists of 5 dances: Hora, Zadik Katamar, Hoi Harmonica, Erev Ba, Kuma Echa. This is a rough copy of the dances, which are written for Violin 1&2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass. As well as the score, there is a small collections of brief transcriptions of different Israeli folk tunes, some of which are re-written and included in the collection. Most of these seem to be written by a different hand so could have been the result of research she had done so to keep the work authentic. One of the clippings seems to have been cut out from a newletter (or similar) from the Society for Internation Folk Dancing, so this could have been one of the sources she used for research.

Musical notation

Phyllis Tate

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