Musical Works
This area contains a collection of Phyllis Tate's musical works. It includes dated and undated works, with the dated works spanning from c.1955-1982. There are works for a huge range of different ensembles, as well as published and unpublished works. The scores in this catalogue have been ordered by date, where a date is given, and alphabetically by title where no date is evident.
  • BMC/Tate/1/1

    Dated Works Series

    This series contains dated scores by Phyllis Tate c1955-1982, including printed scores and handwritten manuscripts of both published and unpublished works.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/2

    Undated Works Series

    nd (c1950-1980s)
    This series contains undated scores by Phyllis Tate. It includes both printed and manuscript copies of works for different ensembles.
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