Educational Scores Collection
Printed music education/instructional scores collected by the British Music Information Centre and made available to the Centre's users.
  • BMC/SCE/BenningK1

    Piano Music for Single Hands Item

    Piano solos
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  • BMC/SCE/BenningK2

    Progressive Tunes Item

    Jul 1981
    piano solos
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  • BMC/SCE/BensonC1

    Three Pieces for piano Item

    Grade 5 to 6. Total duration of roughly 8 minutes.
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  • BMC/SCE/BlytonC1

    Captain Bowsprit's Blues Item

    Piano Solo
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  • BMC/SCE/BoughtonR1

    A Trouble Item

    Little Tunes by Great Composers for Piano Grade 2
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  • BMC/SCE/BourgeoisD1

    Bits & bytes Item

    six pieces for piano
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  • BMC/SCE/BowenY1

    A stately measure Item

    20th century
    The Acherberg Series of Graded Piano Music by Leading Composers. Moderately easy (grade 2).
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  • BMC/SCE/BowenY2

    A Sad Thought Item

    The Ascherberg Series of Graded Piano Pieces. No. 13. Grade 2 modertaely easy.
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  • BMC/SCE/BowenY3

    Valsette Item

    20th century
    Little Tunes by Great Composers for Piano. No. 9.
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  • BMC/SCE/BraithwaiteS1

    English Dance for Piano and Harpsichord Item

    Edited by Arthur Alexander.
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