Events, projects and engagement
Records concerning the events and projects run by the British Music Information Centre (BMIC) and records concerning the BMIC's engagement with other music organisations and the wider musical community.

The records include administrative records organising the BMIC projects and events including The Cutting Edge concert series, The Cutting Edge Tour, the New Voices Project, the New Voices Recordings Project, the BMIC Digitisation Project, The New Music Mart. These records also include records concerning the BMIC's involvement with other music organisations and their projects, including the International Association of Music Information Centres, Jazz Services, Arts and Business, Contemporary Music Making for Amateurs (CoMA), the State of the Nation 2000 Festival, Classical Music Forum, the Chamber Music Exchange Project, the National Federation of Music Societies, the Music Libraries Online Project, Accord, and the Requiem Fragments Project.
  • BMC/EV/21

    Sound Circuit tour audience research summary and report Item

    Research summary and report for Sound Circuit's research into audiences at its supported tours between 2003 and 2005, produced by Paula Whitehouse Arts Consultancy. The research concerns audience attendance habits and demographic information. There are two copies of the report.
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  • BMC/EV/22

    Taste Item

    The Taste programme aimed to bring the experience of hearing newly-composed music to people where they are gathered. It formed part of BMIC's education programme and was piloted with Morley College during Cutting Edge 2006 and a full programme ran during Cutting Edge 2007. The file includes research and drafts of an education policy and an evaluation of Taste 2007.
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  • BMC/EV/23

    BMIC concert programmes and notes Item

    The concerts were a regular series, held at BMIC premises, 10 Stratford Place, mainly on a Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes more frequently. The programmes are mainly typewritten, wordprocessed or photocopied with occasional printed items. From May 2002 the concerts were held at St Cyprian's Church, Glentworth Street, London NW1.
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  • BMC/EV/24

    Press cuttings, articles and promotional writing relating to BMIC Item

    includes general press cuttings 1974-2003, articles by Roger Wright and Matthew Greenall about BMIC's activities, development of the website, financial and fundraising difficulties, 1970s-2003. Roger Wright's, 1985-1986, seem to have been assembled with relevant press cuttings and director's reports for presentation to the board and AGMs.
    Cutting Edge press 1999-2007
    New Voices press 1999
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  • BMC/EV/25

    BMIC newsletters COMPOSER and SOUNDINGS Item

    COMPOSER Issues 62 (Winter 1977-1978), Winter 1981, SOUNDINGS Apr 1995-Jun 1999 (16 issues)
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  • BMC/EV/26

    Promotions assistant's file Item

    includes correspondence relating to publicity leaflets, tour schedules, volunteers (NB includes application forms and CVs), website content and BMIC concert application forms
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  • BMC/EV/27

    Photographs of BMIC events and staff Item

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  • BMC/EV/28

    Sound Inventors residencies Item

    administrative file relating to education project
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