Events, projects and engagement
Records concerning the events and projects run by the British Music Information Centre (BMIC) and records concerning the BMIC's engagement with other music organisations and the wider musical community.

The records include administrative records organising the BMIC projects and events including The Cutting Edge concert series, The Cutting Edge Tour, the New Voices Project, the New Voices Recordings Project, the BMIC Digitisation Project, The New Music Mart. These records also include records concerning the BMIC's involvement with other music organisations and their projects, including the International Association of Music Information Centres, Jazz Services, Arts and Business, Contemporary Music Making for Amateurs (CoMA), the State of the Nation 2000 Festival, Classical Music Forum, the Chamber Music Exchange Project, the National Federation of Music Societies, the Music Libraries Online Project, Accord, and the Requiem Fragments Project.
  • BMC/EV/1

    New Voices Series

    Records concerning the British Music Information Centre's New Voices projects. The original New Voices Project which was a composer support scheme that provided print and distribution services for composers at the beginning of their careers who were looking to self-publish. The project aimed to raise the profile for emerging talent that existed outside of the support of commercial publishers or record companies. In 2003 the BMIC began the New Voices Recordings Project that created 10 hours of recordings of music by 30 composers that were part of the British Music Information Centre's New Voices programme and created a website and sample CD-book to distribute the recordings. These records comprise the British Music Information Centre's administrative records organising these two projects.
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  • BMC/EV/10

    State of the Nation 2000 Item

    Records concerning London Sinfonietta's State of the Nation 2000 festival. The British Music Information Centre (BMIC) was a project partner for the event. These records include programmes, press releases and timetables for the event, meeting notes from the festival's project partner meetings, and correspondence between Matthew Greenall, Director of the British Music Information Centre, and individuals at London Sinfonietta concerning the role of the BMIC in the festival.
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  • BMC/EV/11

    Classical Music Forum Item

    Meeting notes concerning the first two meetings of the Classical Musical Forum and a covering letter sent by the music publishers association.
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  • BMC/EV/12

    Chamber Music Exchange Item

    Records concerning the Chamber Music Exchange, a collaborative project between Bath Spa University College, Contemporary Music Making for Amateurs (CoMA) and the Royal College of Music. The British Music Information Centre (BMIC) undertook sales and distribution of the works in the Chamber Music Exchange. The records include a press releases, programmes, newsletters, and correspondence between the BMIC, Oxford University Press and Faber Music concerning licences to print and distribute works in the Project. The records also include self-publishing licence agreements made between the BMIC and composers of the works included.
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  • BMC/EV/13

    National Federation of Music Societies Item

    9 Sep 1999
    Letter from Robin Osterley, Chief Executive of the National Federation of Music Societies, to Matthew Greenall, Director of the British Music Information Centre (BMIC), concerning the transfer of music score catalogue data from the BMIC to be included in the National Federation of Music Societies' catalogue
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  • BMC/EV/14

    Music Libraries Online Project Item

    8 Feb 2000
    A Letter of Agreement for the Electronic Libraries Programme's Music Libraries Online Project with a covering letter from Kate Sloss, at Trinity College of Music, Project Director, requesting that the British Music Information Centre confirms its willingness to participate to the terms of the agreement.
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  • BMC/EV/15

    The Music Exchange Group Item

    Records concerning The Music Exchange project which was an attempt to establish a national music centre where seven music organisations could pool resources and work together to support British composers and artists. The seven organisations were: the British Music Information Centre; The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors; the Association of Professional Composers; the Composers' Guild of Great Britain; Jazz Services; NMC Recordings Limited; the Society for the Promotion of New Music. These records include The Music Exchange Group meeting minutes, a report from the feasability study into the establishment of the Music Exchange titled 'The Music Exchange - Establishing the Need, The Partner Organisations', financial and fundraising records and a report by MSS Marketing Research Limited into the feasibility of The Music Exchange using quantitative research.
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  • BMC/EV/16

    New Music Mart Item

    Records concerning The New Music Mart which was a new music information, performance and workshop event that the British Music Information Centre held in 2007 and 2008 at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The events were aimed at the school's students, providing information from different organisations working in new music as well as seminars and composition workshops on the day. The records include posters, leaflets and programmes for the events, and correspondence and other records organising the event and the attendance of composers and performers for the workshop and seminars. There is also a review and evaluation report, 2009.
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  • BMC/EV/17

    Accord - The Alliance for New Music Item

    Accord was an organisation founded to bring together key music practitioners and senior representatives of the music industry in order to promote contemporary classical music. The records include New Music Alliance/Accord action plans, schedules and speaker notes for Accord's 'New music: A Concordant Approach' symposium, concept notes for an Accord website, and correspondence between Matthew Greenall, Director of British Music Information Centre, and others arranging Accord meetings and events.
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  • BMC/EV/18

    Requiem Fragments Project Item

    Requiem Fragments was a Mozart-Ways composition teaching project based on completing Mozart's work Requiem. The project ran five courses in five different countries. The records include a Mozart-Ways final project entry form and a Requiem Fragments course schedule.
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