Composers files and photographs BMC/CO

Dated 1960s-2000s

Extent: 40 boxes

Composer information files and photographs of composers collected by the British Music Information Centre (BMIC) for reference, research and informational use by the Centre's users. The collecting policy for the composer files matched the collecting policy that was agreed for the scores and recordings in the collection. The contents of these files were accumulated as a result of donations by composers, BMIC staff attending concerts and events, and the BMIC's 'Call for Information' initiative which saw members of the public donating information about composers.

Each composer file contains varying amounts and types of information, but items that are common to many of these files include: catalogues and lists of the composer's works; catalogues of the composer's works held at the BMIC; journal articles concerning the composer and their works; reviews of the composer's works; newspaper cuttings concerning the composer and their works; composers' CVs (curriculum vitaes) and biographical information, including some photographs; correspondence sent by the composer to accompany scores, recordings and information; concert and event programmes concerning the composer and their works; composers' application forms and subscription cards for membership of The Composers' Guild of Great Britain.

There are 1194 composer files included in this series. It appears that the files for composers with a surname starting with C, D and E were not transferred to the University of Huddersfield Archives, we estimate that this may amount to roughly 150 missing files.

The composer photographs were collected by the British Music Information Centre for reference use by the Centre and its users. The majority of the photographs were submitted by the composers themselves, or their representatives, to accompany the submission of scores and recordings to the collection.

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