• MSC

    Missen, Chris - True Crime Collection Fonds

    This collection contains a range of magazines, mainly US publications, including True Crime, Master Detective, Detective Cases, True Detective, Confidential Detective, Official Detective.
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  • MSF

    The Dream Job: Humanitarian Nursing with Médecins Sans Frontieres - Oral History Archive Fonds

    This is an oral history project of nurses who worked for Médecins Sans Frontières in the 1990s and early 2000s which attempts to understand the motivation for humanitarian nursing in the late 20th century and to locate this work in the life story of the nurses interviewed. The aim in recording their histories was to better understand nurses' motivations for engaging in humanitarian work, in particular where no immediate threat of war or invasion is present and in the absence of overt religious or nationalistic motivations. In so doing the analysis offers insights into nursing identity and the place of humanitarianism in nursing practice. Secondary aims were to explore nurses' contribution to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and their experience of being in the field following humanitarian crises of the 1990s and early 2000s.

    Seven oral histories were recorded in 2013; each was recorded in a single sitting. Six of these histories are currently included in this archive. Orators/Participants were asked to recount their pathway to becoming a nurse and then subsequently volunteering with MSF; their experience of working for MSF; and their post-MSF life. Beyond these three questions few prompts were offered. A voice centred relational method (The listening guide) was used to aid analysis of the text due to its multilayered and feminist approach to understanding and analysis. The nurses offer a window into the life of a nurse working for MSF and thus some insight into the organisation itself. In addition, the histories include eye witness reports of involvement in humanitarian missions all over the world in the late 20th and early 21st century.

    This project did not set out to explore MSF as an organisation in any detail so no attempt has been made, retrospectively, to do so. MSF [also known as 'Doctors without Borders'] is a large, multinational organisation offering medical aid in areas of conflict and natural disaster. Formed in 1971 in France it was created on the "belief that all people have the right to medical care regardless of gender, race, religion, creed or political affiliation, and that the needs of these people outweigh respect for national boundaries" ( There are now regional offices all over the world, operating in a coordinated but widespread system. MSF UK was opened in the early 1990s, which gave starting date to the period of time explored in the oral history project.
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  • MTC

    Huddersfield Musical Theatre Company Fonds

    Formerly the Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society. This archive contains a large number of varied materials associated with the Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society. Historical primary sources include newspaper articles concerning the founding of the association and its members, and photographs of cast members in costumes (mainly found in MTC/2). There is a series of video cassettesof performances for reference and many 'unusual' items such as dolls, badges and ribbons.

    As well as primary materials there is a wide selection of financial and administrative documents to be found in MTC/1 and many secondary materials such as script books and general theatre books in MTC/2 and MTC/6.
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  • NAP

    Napier, Reg, Archive Fonds

    20th century
    This collection is due to be catalogued by Dec 2017.
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  • NAS

    National Adult Schools Union (West Yorkshire) Archive Fonds

    1843 - 1996
    In this collection you will find mainly minutes of meetings from the various Adult Schools in West Yorkshire, such as Huddersfield, Lindley, Paddock, Halifax, Marsden, Women's unions and Teachers unions. Also, there are 302 class registers which are thought to all be from the Brighouse Friends First-Day classes (This is written on some, but not all). It is safe to assume this because there are various notes in the minute books and a note with the class registers explaining that they are sending the resources to David Hool, a research assistant to Arnold Hall's Adult School Project, so it likely that all of the registers were sent from the same place. There are various other items in the collection such as books about the history of Adult Schools, including Arnold Hall's book. Also, some miscellaneous letters and leaflets are in the collection too.
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  • NCY

    Culley, Norman, Archive Fonds

    Papers relating to the Architectural career of Norman Culley together with a few personal documents. The bulk of the papers relate to the building in 1909/1910 of 'Orrisdale', a detached house on Long Lane, Dalton, Huddersfield. They include pre-build, plans, mortgage and conveyancing documents, estimates for materials and costings and payments to contractors. A 1954 menu and toast list for the Norman Culley Jubilee Dinner signed by the 76 attendees is also included. There is also a collection of photographs which show his completed Memorial to the victims of Booth's mill fire in 1941 and High Street buildings, together with various black and white photographs of Golcar. Norman Culley's library is also available.
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  • NL

    Logan, Noreen, Archive Relating to Huddersfield Labour Party Fonds

    The collection contains:
    1 - Labour Party documents, such as letters, account books and membership cards
    2 - Social Committee folder
    3 - Newspaper cuttings
    4 - Election information such as flyers and manifestos for different parties
    5 - Socialist club minute book and account book
    6 - Other books and leaflets
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  • OCN

    Open College Network, Northern College and Adult Education Archive Fonds

    This collection will be catalogued by Dec 2017.

    Box 1
    1. David Browning CV
    2. 1991 May: Education and training for the 20st C Vol 1: DES
    3. 1991 May: Education and training for the 20st C Vol 2: DES
    4. 1991: Education for Adults review by HM inspectors: DES
    5. 1989 May: Adults in HE a policy Discussion paper: NIACE
    6. 1989: University of Oxford Kellogg forum in Continuing education Breaking Barriers: Dept. external studies
    7. 1994 March: The will to learn a policy discussion paper: NIACE
    8. 1987: Position paper Credit in HE; HE quality council
    9. 1999 Jan: beyond GSCE real choices for adults: David Browning Adult learning Vol one no 5
    10. 1991: Credit accumulation and transfer in the British Universities Interim report: UCACE
    11. 1988: Developing access discussion paper: UDACE
    12. 1991 Spring: Newsletter; FE unit
    13. 1990: Adult numeracy and literacy competence scales an international literacy year project: Assessment research centre
    14. 1990: Drawing on experience re-plan project review: NIACE
    15. 1992-3: Invest in yourself: the national extension college guide to courses:
    16. 1978: After expansion a time for diversity the universities into the 1990: Richard Hoggart: the advisory council for Adult and Continuing Education
    17. 1993: Leaning for the future adult learning and the environment: NIACE policy discussion paper
    18. 1999: Improving literacy and numeracy a fresh start report of the working group chaired by Sir Clause Moser
    19. 1997: Avoiding exclusion a challenge of shaping the information society in the rural north: Northern Informatics
    20. 1998: Making the difference a new start for England's coal field communities the government's response to the coal field task force report: DFEE
    21. 1989: Country learning a development workers guide to supporting unwaged rural learners: NIACE

    Box 2
    22. 1993 January: A NIACE briefing bulletin Targets for lifetime learning: NIACE
    23. 2008 Feb: The future of lifelong learning briefing 2 what is the future for lifelong learning: commissioned by group of people inc Bob fryer
    24. 1990: South Manchester community college aspects of adult education: report by HMI: DES
    25. 1982: October Manchester open college federation Interim report: MOCF
    26. 1990: Open college networks and national vocational qualifications: UDACE
    27. 1997: Alan Tuckett; Lifelong learning in England and Wales an overview and guide: NIACE
    28. 1998 Sept: A common framework for learning executive Summary: DFEE/ HEQE
    29. 1989 July: opening up learning: Education Vol 174, no 2 pp
    30. 1991: UDACE Assessment in open college networks: NIACE
    31. 1989 June: Access courses to higher education: development of a database briefing paper 17: CNAA
    32. 1989 April: Access courses to higher education: a framework of national arrangements for recognition (no 2): CNAA
    33. 1991: Widening access to higher education bulletin no 3:
    34. 1990 April, CNAA, A survey of access courses to higher education: analysis and prospects
    35. 1989 June, CNAA, Access courses to higher education: development of a database
    36. NOCN 20th Anniversary Celebration of the National Open College Network
    37. 1984: Access courses: some date collected by CNAA
    38. 1989: Open college networks Current developments in practice: UDACE development paper:
    39. 1993 -1997 A learning route for Wales: CREDDIS
    40. 1985 May: Working together voluntary Statuary relationships in the education of adults: UDACE
    41. 1993: The learning imperative national ed and training targets for adult learners: NIACE policy
    42. 1992: Kite marking access recognition of access courses; Gareth Parry: Employment Department
    43. 1990: The accessibility of HE a case study in improving access networks and curricula: CNAA
    44. Undated 1990?: a student essay? OU? 'TMA01 developing an OCN level four course for lace makers who are seeking access to HE': MA Clark
    45. 1993: An adult HE a vision policy discussion paper: NIACE
    46. 1992: Celebrating adult learning a report on the first UK national adult learners week: NIACE
    47. 1984: Adults in education: BBC
    48. 1991: Opening colleges to adult learners a research project on adult learners in colleges of FE: NIACE
    49. 1985 May: Typed document / referenced paper John Field, Northern College. The unmaking of the English working class: socioeconomic change in south Yorkshire and Derbyshire:
    50. Towards a learning workforce - A Policy Discussion Paper on Adult Learners at Work, Alan Tuckett - The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, April 1991

    Box 3 (originally big box split into two - Left hand side)
    51. 1989 November: how many graduates in the 21st century? Council for industry and Higher education Institute of manpower studies
    52. Skills for social inclusion and the knowledge economy: towards a shared vision: report of the LCN conference on behalf of DFES
    53. 1999: The learning country policy priorities for the new Wales: NIACE
    54. 1996: Review of qualifications for 16 -19 year olds: the Dearing Report
    55. 1998 March: Adults and the Learning age: NIACE briefing
    56. 1992: The best of both worlds linking learning in science based industry and HE: University of Leeds
    57. 1992 Nov: Open learning Vol 7 No 3 : OU
    58. Undated? Around 1994? : Strengthening foundations a report and proposal from the voluntary arts network: Voluntary Arts Network
    59. 1994: Extending education and training policy to adult workers: council for adult and experiential learning
    60. 1993: Newsletter - University of Mass: Boston USA College of public and community service:
    61. 1973: Adults in education: BBC
    62. 1987: Implementing current education in Sweden: Swedish board of education OECD
    63. 1994 Spring: Wasted potential training and career potential for part time and temporary workers: NIACE
    64. 1994: What price the learning society? NIACE
    65. 1986 -87? The outreach college - design and implementation: FEU
    66. 1995: Enid Hutchinson perspectives on a pioneer: NIACE
    67. 1992 Vol 22, No 10 - Franchising - assuring the quality of the students' experience: Coome Lodge: FEU
    68. 1997: Learning works - widening participation in Further education: Helena Kennedy FEFC
    69. 1988: Securing adequate facilities planning for the education of adults: UDACE
    70. 1989: Access to mathematics, science and technology: FEU
    71. 1995: guidelines on the quality assurance of credit based learning: HEQC
    72. 1997: Learning for the 21st century: report for national advisory group for continuing education and lifelong learning
    73. 1998: (two copies to different people) Open college network project draft final report: UDACE
    74. 1990: Accreditation and learning outcomes assessment in open college networks: UDACE
    75. 1991: (several typed papers attached) The politics of access: paper by David Browning
    76. 1992: Learning progression development issues an introductory paper: no publisher
    77. 1990: Innovation in access: UDACE
    78. 1987 April: Understanding each other: UDACE
    79. 1990: Developing open college networks: UDACE/ NIACE
    80. 1993: newsletter Open college networks: FEU
    81. 1991: Nov a position statement: National open college network
    82. 1990 June Issue 3: newsletter open college network project UDACE
    83. 1992 Feb: A basis for credit? Developing a post 16 credit accumulation and transfer framework: FEU
    84. 1989: Open College networks explained: UDACE - leaflet
    85. 1991: Open College networks the national handbook - series of seminars: UDACE
    86. 1990 Jan Issue 2: newsletter open college network project UDACE
    87. 1990: Workplace education initiative - report: Ruskin College and Oxford City Council
    88. 2000 Feb: Exploiting social capital learning about learning: occasional paper NIACE
    89. 1989 Jan: Work plan for UDACE open college project: UDACE
    90. 1993 April From authorised validating agency to open college network final project report: unpublished but prepared by central access unit FEU
    91. 1989 June: Open college network project British petroleum seminar UDACE: Bristol Polytechnic
    92. 2003: Getting involved studies of member participation on cooperatives across the west midlands: cooperative college paper two
    93. Undated but 1990s: Lifelong learning a new learning culture for all: training and employment agency
    94. 1986: UDACE Financial barriers to access: NIACE
    95. 1989 May: The access effect: CNAA
    96. 1981: Project report - transition and access: FEU
    97. 1991: Learning and leisure a study of adult participation in learning and its policy implications: NIACE
    98. 1992: Adult learning and the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 a review of the debate: NIACE
    99. 1992: Securing adult learning: NIACE
    100. 1992: experience of access course students proceeding to selected HEIs in Wales: Wales access unit
    101. 1999: Returning women, their training and employment choices and needs: NIACE
    102. ?late 1990s: Adult and community learning what this means for learning partnerships: NIACE
    103. 1999: Citizenship and the new democracy in Wales: A position paper NIACE
    104. No date: Active partners benchmarking community participation in regeneration: Yorkshire forward
    105. 1996: Life time learning a consultation document: DFEE
    106. 1992: Quality assurance in colleges of further education: a report by HEMI/DES
    107. 1992: E Gelpi, Scientific and technological change and lifelong education: International journal of life long education vol ii no 4
    108. Undated draft paper (c 1980s): K Ousgaard & L Sperling Bringing in the other half: Dept politics and contemporary history University of Salford: BP
    109. 1993: T Inglis, K Bailey and C Murray Liberating learning a report on day time education groups: social science research centre university college Dublin
    110. No date - ? Pre 1994 Ann Taylor, MP, shadow sec state for education Opening doors to an learning society a consultative green paper on education: Labour party
    111. 1986: Alan Tough: The adult's learning project a fresh approach to theory and practice in adult learning: Research in education series no 1
    112. 1999: Marking time the NIACE survey of adult participation and learning: NIACE
    113. No date? C 2000: A new way of learning. Developing the university for industry concept: the Scottish UfI
    114. 1998 -9: annual report and accounts NIACE
    115. 1992: Finegold, Keep, Miilbrand Robertson, Cisson and Zimon Higher Education expansion and reform: institute for public policy research
    116. 1993: Pat Davies and Gareth Parry, Recognising access: NIACE
    117. 1988 -90 Case studies: Innovation in access No. 3: UDACE
    118. 1989: Open college networks explained leaflet: UDACE
    119. 1982: Booklet: adult education and the black communities: ACACE
    120. 1999: Community work skills for rural community workers: ACRE
    121. 1994: Access networking no.1 Spring 1994: FAST forum for access studies
    122. 1999: Veronica McGivney Informal learning in the community a trigger for change and development: NIACE
    123. 1989: Access courses to HE a framework for national arrangements for recognition: CNAA
    124. 1999: Peter Wilson, Lifelong qualifications developing qualifications to support lifelong learners: NIACE
    125. 2003: Lorna Unwin and Alison Fuller: Expanding learning in the workplace making more of individual and organisational potential: NIACE
    126. 1999: R H Fryer Creating learning cultures next steps in achieving the learning age: NAGCELL
    127. 1998: The learning age higher education for the 21st century responses to the Dearing report: DFEE
    128. 1998: The learning age further education for the new millennium: repose to the Kennedy report: DFEE
    129. 2001: Jane Thompson, Re-routing lifelong learning resourcing neighbourhood renewal: NIACE
    130. 2000: Adult learning in England a review: Institute for employment studies: NIACE
    131. 1999: Learning that works accrediting the TUC programme: NIACE & TUC
    132. 1997: Connecting the learning society national grid for learning: the government's consultation paper
    133. 1995: Choosing to change extending access, choice and mobility in higher education: HEQC

    Box 4 (originally big box split into two - Right hand side)
    134. 1991: Assessment in open college networks: UDACE
    135. 1990: D Browning and Caroline Mager, Developing open college networks: UDACE
    136. 1988: Developing access the discussion paper: UDACE
    137. 1995: An interim report on the Wales FE credit framework: Welsh colleges forum, in welsh
    138. Newspaper clipping - TESS 12th may 1995 - quell confusion as the NCVQ enters a new stage it must listen to customers or risk failure (Ann Tate)
    139. 1990 Credit where credit is due OU read in adult education
    140. 1982: The development of the Manchester college open federation a research report submitted to the FE unit
    141. 1992: Register of recognised access course to higher education: CNAA
    142. 1998: Widening participation and lifelong learning: Staffordshire University
    143. 1995: Adult learners in FE colleges: NIACE
    144. No date? c1970s? A unique initiative in British industry; employee development and assistance programme: Ford unions of management?
    145. 1991: Caroline Mager and David Browning: Thinking spaces an experiment in staff development: UDACE
    146. 1990 June: Network news: UDACE
    147. 1991 November: The national open college network a position statement: NOCN
    148. 1991 May: Network news: UDACE
    149. NOCN The National Open College Network - create accumulation and transfer - leaflet
    150. 1991 August: Leicester open college network newsletter
    151. 1991 Autumn: Sue Webb Issues and debates; access credit levels and the learner: Manchester open college Journal of access studies
    152. 1991 Dec 3rd: Programme & papers from Access courses to Higher education standing conference of authorised validating agencies; Bourneville college Birmingham
    153. 1985 25th Nov: Minutes Governors of the Manchester open college federation item 4 trade union education in Manchester
    154. 1985 Dec: Minutes Governors of the Manchester open college federation item 5 a policy for women's education: MOCF response
    155. 1986 18 February: Minutes Governors of the Manchester open college federation item 5 report on equal opportunities commission
    156. 1986 18 February: Minutes Governors of the Manchester open college federation item 13 accreditation of courses from non LEAs and training institutions
    157. 1991 June 20th Presentation to MOCF student progress committee - series of minutes
    158. 1991 Sept 11th: minutes of meeting with technological colleges: UDACE
    159. Flyer - FAST forum for access studies - benefits to members
    160. 1988 30th March Study passport belonging to Sarah Ann Henderson: Manchester open college federation
    161. Flyer - list of research projects ALFA access to learning for adults
    162. 1989 October: Network News: UDACE
    163. 1991 September On the recent white papers FAST
    164. 1991 August: On our 1991 conference FAST
    165. 1994: Profiles of Higher education institution: HEFCE
    166. 1994 Chicago: Extending education and training policy to adult workers: JFF - jobs for the future CAEL
    167. 1998 April: Curriculum are survey reports; basic Education; FE funding council
    168. 1980 Feb: Open learning vol 5 no 1
    169. 1988: J M Kidd, UDACE Assessment in action: NIACE
    170. 1990 February: Access courses to Higher education a framework of national arrangements for recognition no 3. : CNAA
    171. 1988 Oct: Outline plan for BP participation in the UDACE open college network project
    172. Undated 1st person account - - The beginnings of the Manchester open college federation
    173. 1991: UDACE Innovation in access no2: case studies: NIACE
    174. 1998 July: Realising the learning age a response to the government green paper from the national institute of adult continuing educations: NIACE
    175. 1992: Quality education and training for the adult unemployed a manual for planners and mangers in FE: NIACE
    176. 1988: Giles Darvill, Elizabeth Perkins and Judith Unell, UDACE learning from volunteering an exploratory study: NIACE
    177. 1992: Supporting learning: promoting equity and participation part one a model for colleges: FEU
    178. 1993 April: CVCP briefing: non-traditional students experience of higher education a review of the literature: CVCP
    179. 1990 May: More means different widening access to higher education final report Sir Christopher Ball: RSA
    180. 2009 March: The learning revolution DIUS
    181. 1992: Gareth Parry, Pat Davies Kite marking access: DfE
    182. 1993 Nov: An adult higher education: a vision: a policy discussion paper: NIACE
    183. No date: A guide for Higher education admissions staff: NOCN
    184. No date: Widening participation routes to a learning society: NIACE policy discussion paper (after 1996)
    185. 1995 Sept: A briefing on NIACE research on adult participation and barriers to access: NIASC
    186. 1995: Lifelong learning in Wales: NIACE policy discussion paper
    187. 1992 Feb: Progress and performance in higher education report 34: CNAA
    188. 1992 April: Widening participation in Higher education report of a study of polytechnics and colleges of higher education in England: PCFC polytechnics and colleagues funding council
    189. 1990 May: Mature students marketing and admissions policy: strategies for polytechnics and college: CNAA etc.
    190. 1997: Bennett and Davidson: Assuring coherence in individual learning programmes: Vol 1 No 11FEDA
    191. 1994: Choosing to change extending access choice and mobility in higher education: HEQC
    192. Newspaper article - regarding the publication of 'Choosing to Change' 1994
    193. No date: Widening access and experiential learning Imison and Hull: Greenwich and Lewisham education network (GLEAN) (after 1989)
    194. 1991 Opening colleges to adult learners, Ed Verinica McGivney: NIACE
    195. 2000 summer: Reclaiming common purpose adult learning: NIACE etc.
    196. 1999: The impact of credit based systems on learning cultures: research report Pat Davies
    197. No date: Connecting the learning society national grid for learning (photocopy)
    198. No date: Framing access Parry and Davies: UDACE (before March 1991)
    199. 1996: Getting the credit; OCN accreditation and learners with learning difficulties and disabilities Sally Faraday vol. 1 no 7:FEDA
    200. 1997: Give us the credit! Achieving a comprehensive FE framework: Coady, Tate and Bennett Vol 1 no 20: FEDA
    201. 1992 April: UDACE open college network a handbook: UDACE
    202. 1998 Feb: The learning age a renaissance for a new Britain: DfEE
    203. 1994: Examining assessments post 16 education and training: FEU
    204. 1992: E878 Making experience count: accrediting your prior learning information and self-assessment booklet School of education: OU
    205. 1983: Voluntary work and unemployment Pat Gay and Stephen Hatch: policy studies institute no 15
    206. 1982: special development projects report: ALBSU
    207. 1999: The learning and skills council prospectus: learning to succeed: DfEE
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  • PAL

    Miscellaneous mortgage and conveyance documents for property in Downham Market, Norfolk, and in Bartby and Osgodby, North Riding of Yorkshire Fonds

    These were found during summer 2015 without any contextual information as to provenance, and no accession information has been found. They appear to have no relation to any other items or collections held by the service. It was agreed on 16 Sep 2015 that they retained for use in palaeography sessions taught by the service.

    Conveyance 22 Sept 1731
    Property: All that freehold messuage or three tenements with the yard or piece of ground thereunto adjoining in Paradise Lance, Downham Market, County of Norfolk.
    Consideration: £50
    1. William Lingey, of Kings Lynn, County of Norfolk
    Rachael Alderson, of Kings Lynn, County of Norfolk, widow
    Collins Bannister, of Kings Lynn, County of Norfolk, blockmaker
    2. James Smith, of Downham Market, County of Norfolk

    Conveyance 8 Sept 1849
    Property: All that messuage and dwellinghouse at Osgodby
    Consideration: £280
    1. William Mitton of Stamford, Lincolnshire, Gentleman
    2. George Calvert of Osgodby, Farmer
    3. George Burton of Selby, Butcher
    4. Charles Hodgson of Selby, Gentleman

    Mortgage 2 March 1859
    Property: messuage, tenements or dwellinghouses, outbuildings and premises at Barlby and Osgodby
    £1340 and interest
    1. George Burton of Selby, Butcher
    2. Thomas Howdle of Bollington, Farmer

    Conveyance 11 March 1861
    Property: cottage, tenement or dwellinghouse, land, hereditament and premises at Barlby
    Consideration £80
    1. William Staniland late of Selby but now of Brayton, Gentleman
    2. Robert Fallowfield of Selby, Miller
    3. Charles Hodgson of Selby, Gentleman
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  • PBT

    Textile Fabric Samples Collection Fonds

    Early 20th century
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