• JPW

    Mallalieu, Sir Joseph Percival William, MP Archive Fonds

    The collection comprises the literary, political and personal papers of Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu (1908-1980), MP, journalist, author and naval officer. The records include: copies of JPW Mallalieu's publications and reviews of his literary works (1942-1985); records concerning Mallalieu's political career (1911-1979) as Labour MP for Huddersfield, 1945-1950, and Huddersfield East, 1950-1979, including both his work in his constituency and as a Minister of State in Harold Wilson's government, 1964-1970; and personal papers (1927-1992) collected by JPW Mallalieu and his wife, Lady Rita Mallalieu, including family correspondence and newspaper cuttings and photographs concerning the Mallalieu family and their careers.
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  • KIA

    Kirklees Image Archive Fonds

    Late 19th century-20th century
    Photographic archive containing over 250,000 negatives (predominantly glass plates), prints and lantern slides. Images date back to later 19th century and the vast majority relate to the Kirklees area and are topographical in nature. The collection can be divided into two main sections - those taken before 1940 which were acquired through purchase and donation by individual museums, and secondly the photographic archive of the Huddersfield Daily Examiner for the period 1948-1984.

    The website contains 61,842 images from the collection; the website can be browsed, searched and prints can be purchased.
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  • KTT

    Kirklees Theatre Trust Archive (Incorporating the Lawrence Batley Theatre Collection) Fonds

    20th century
    This collection will be catalogued by the end of Dec 2017
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  • LBC

    Left Book Club Fonds

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  • LUM

    Lumb, Fred Archive Fonds

    1896 - 1957
    1. Several old Newspapers from 1945/1960
    2. Ben Gronow Brochure (1924)
    3. Book -'50 years of Sport 1896 1946'
    4. Book '50 years of Record Fartown up to 1945'
    5. Autograph Book in box
    6. 8 Huddersfield Players Brochures
    7. 5 Eddie Waring Annuals
    8. 5 Letters re. Mr Fred Lumb (Deceased)
    9. 2 Huddersfield team postcard pictures 1908/09 and 1948/49
    10. New Zealand Rugby League Tour of England 1926/27 Brochure
    11. Huddersfield v New Zealand (1947)
    12. Huddersfield v Australia (1948)
    13. Huddersfield v Saints (1953)
    14. Halifax v Huddersfield (1927,1938, 1939)
    15. Huddersfield v New Zealand (1951)
    16. Huddersfield v Australia (1963)
    17. Huddersfield v Saints (1953)
    18. Huddersfield v Leeds (1938) Programme
    19. Huddersfield v Cass (1938) Programme
    20. Huddersfield v Brad (1948) Programme
    21. Huddersfield v Salford (1950) Programme
    22. Huddersfield v Cass (1939) Programme
    23. Huddersfield v Brad (1939) Programme
    24. Huddersfield v Wigan (1949) Programme
    25. Huddersfield v Wigan (1951) Programme
    26. Huddersfield v Barrow (1965) Programme
    27. Huddersfield v Halifax (1939) Programme
    28. Huddersfield v Salford (1946) Programme
    29. Huddersfield v Wigan (1950) Programme
    30. Huddersfield v Dewsbury (1957) Programme
    31. Huddersfield v Dewsbury (1964) Programme
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  • MCA

    Clapham, Michael, MP Archive Fonds

    The archive of Michael Clapham, MP for Barnsley West and Penistone from 1992-2010. The records concern Clapham's work in parliament and in his constituency (1992-2010), as well as records that specifically relate to coal mining and the National Union of Mineworkers (c1980-2010), and records of the Barnsley West and Penistone Labour Party (1978-2006).

    This collection will not be fully catalogued until Dec 2017. A basic catalogue structure and biography of Clapham have been provided to enable access to this collection until then. Please contact the Heritage Quay team if you would like to consult this archive further.
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  • MCM

    Adrian Mealing 'Ian McMillan' Memorabilia Fonds

    This collection of memorabilia held by McMillan's touring manager includes copies of his poetry and non-fiction publications. It also includes publicity material, press releases and reviews of his projects and live performances from postcards to large format advertising posters. A small and not comprehensive collection of his, audio, video and radio broadcasts is also included. This covers his career from the early 1990s until 2010 when the collection was deposited with the archive.

    This collection was catalogued by Helen Bates, Archives Volunteer, in September 2014, under the guidance of Lindsay Ince, Assistant Archivist & Records Manager.
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  • MKN

    Mikron Theatre Company Archive Fonds

    Organisational archives relating to Mikron's activities since 1972, including (but not limited to): Log Books, Shows and Venues Books, Scripts, Programmes, Photographs, Posters (unframed), research notes including audio cassettes, oral history interviews (with consent forms), Backdrops, Performance Videos, Administrative records including annual accounts. Digital Copies where these exist (for preservation purposes, not to be used commercially).
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  • MLL

    Lucas, Mike, 'MIKRON' LIBRARY Fonds

    A library maintained by Mikron Theatre Company founder Mike Lucas. The books are arranged by subject and directly relate to the themes of many Mikron shows. There are also a set of Waterways journals from 1973 onwards and a small amount of Mikron archive material that needs to be interfiled with the main archive and is stored with that material.
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  • MNT

    Minter, Gordon & Enid, Slides Archive Fonds

    20th century
    This collection is due to be catalogued by July 2017.

    This is a collection of slides and lectures produced by Gordon and Enid Minter about the history of Huddersfield and other topics for the University of the Third Age.
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