• JBS

    'The Junior Bookshelf ' Collection Fonds

    Records, books, booklets and objects relating to the children's literary journal published in Huddersfield.

    Includes a complete series of the published magazine, letters from children's authors and journal subscribers, draft articles from contributors and financial records. In addition, some printing blocks for the magazine's illustrations survive, as does a short account of its history written by the editor. There are records relating to children's libraries and librarianship, publishing for children, as well as material relating to literary awards.

    JBS/1 The Journal Bookshelf Journal and Related Publications
    JBS/2 Editors' Files
    JBS/3 Financial Records
    JBS/4 Subscribers' Records
    JBS/5 Miscellaneous Records and Objects
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  • JHW

    Whitley, John Henry, Archive Fonds

    1876- 2011
    Collection documents the varied career and personal life of John Henry Whitley. Whitley's occupations included Halifax mill owner, champion of universal education, revered local politician, Speaker of the House of Commons, Chairman of the Royal Commission on Labour in India and Chairman of the BBC.

    The archive includes letters from Winston Churchill and King George V and the autographs of Gandhi, Benito Mussolini and cricketer Wilfred Rhodes.

    The collection is split into 8 sections: reference sources relating to J. H. Whitley; scrapbooks compiled by the Whitley family; personal papers, correspondence and photographs relating to Whitley's career and family life; press cuttings referring to J.H. Whitley; a series of cartoons from Punch magazine commenting on Whitley's career; a section concentrating on the history of Whitley councils; material relating to Whitley's relationship with his school, Clifton College and information relating to the General Strike of May 1926.
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  • JOC

    O'Connell, John Archive Fonds

    1. Transcript of his unpublished book 'A Guide to English Grammar and Exercises in Sentence Construction', rejected by the publisher 'as too out of date'.
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  • JOG

    Ogle Needlework Library Fonds

    Library of fashion and pattern-making books, deposited by Jo Ogle
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  • JPK

    Josef Petraczek Collection Fonds

    This archive contains the personal papers of a scientific gentleman, Josef Petracek, that were discovered amongst the papers of a Huddersfield Technical College professor. The box of papers contain a personal archive including correspondence, photographs, educational records and lifestyle documents about his life in Vienna and in Huddersfield, where he worked in chemical engineering. Many of the documents are in an early 20th century form of German.
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  • JPM

    Mallalieu, Sir Joseph Percival William, MP Archive Fonds

    The collection comprises the literary, political and personal papers of Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu (1908-1980), MP, journalist, author and naval officer. The records include: copies of JPW Mallalieu's publications and reviews of his literary works (1942-1985); records concerning Mallalieu's political career (1911-1979) as Labour MP for Huddersfield, 1945-1950, and Huddersfield East, 1950-1979, including both his work in his constituency and as a Minister of State in Harold Wilson's government, 1964-1970; and personal papers (1927-1992) collected by JPW Mallalieu and his wife, Lady Rita Mallalieu, including family correspondence and newspaper cuttings and photographs concerning the Mallalieu family and their careers.
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  • KAY

    A W Kaye, Violinist: Research and Correspondence Fonds

    Research material gathered and created by Paul Wade. Includes photographs of orchestra, information on pupils etc. of the Huddersfield-based violin teacher, conductor and musician Arthur W Kaye.

    2 x photographs of the Huddersfield Permanent Orchestra in Huddersfield Town Hall, c1930s

    1 x folder of biography of Kaye by Paul Wade (manuscript). 1974

    1 x folder of records used for production of biography in 1974.

    1 x file of research material, including assorted clippings, letters and notes, gathered in 1974 and dating from the 1920s onwards.

    2 x concert programmes, 1915 and 1925-1926

    1 x Huddersfield School of Music syllabus 1908

    3 x Photographs of Reginald Stead ('Reggie Stead').
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  • KIA

    Kirklees Image Archive Fonds

    Late 19th century-20th century
    Photographic archive containing over 250,000 negatives (predominantly glass plates), prints and lantern slides. Images date back to later 19th century and the vast majority relate to the Kirklees area and are topographical in nature. The collection can be divided into two main sections - those taken before 1940 which were acquired through purchase and donation by individual museums, and secondly the photographic archive of the Huddersfield Daily Examiner for the period 1948-1984.

    The website contains 61,842 images from the collection; the website can be browsed, searched and prints can be purchased.

    Please note that the majority of this collection is uncatalogued and very limited information is available other than the Kirklees Image Archive website If you have specific queries about this collection, please contact Kirklees Museums in the first instance
    This collection is owned by Kirklees Museums and Heritage Quay provides storage and some limited public access.
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  • KTT

    Kirklees Theatre Trust and the Lawrence Batley Theatre Archive Fonds

    This collection contains the records of the Kirklees Theatre Trust prior to the establishment of the Lawrence Batley Theatre, and after. It also contains ephemera produced by visiting musicians and production companies.

    The Community Outreach section contains records relating to the audience development programme, c.2000, which aimed to increase theatre attendance from under-represented groups including black and Asian people; and records of the Friends of the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
    The Estates Management series contains minutes, correspondence, drawings and contracts relating to two major capital works programmes: the initial conversion of the building into a theatre, and the redevelopment of the North Wing into better rehearsal space. There is also one document relating to the 2004 redevelopment of 6-8 Queen Street. Photographs of the conversion works can be found in KTT/PTT/1.
    The Productions section contains documents which were generated during the process of drafting, developing, rehearsing and staging various in-house productions, staged between 1993 and 2002. Documents include rehearsal schedules, audition contact sheets, draft scripts and musical scores.
    The Fundraising records document the efforts of the Kirklees Theatre Trust to generate additional revenue through corporate sponsorship; grants from funding bodies; and donations from individuals through the ‘name a seat’ programme, ‘Gift Aid’ donations, and other schemes (1993-2004).
    The Kirklees Theatre Trust Constitution and Committees section contains records generated by the official committees of the Kirklees Theatre Trust from 1991-2000. These incomplete series document the decisions made by the Trust and other stakeholders during the conversion and afterwards. Documents generated during the early 1980s, when the ABC cinema on Market Street was considered as a potential venue to house the theatre, are also featured here.
    The Artistic Directorship section contains the working files of the first artistic director, Ron McAllister. He had creative input in many of the theatre’s home-grown productions, and also played a lead role in fundraising efforts. These files reflect his varied role, and feature correspondence relating to the staging of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, bids for grant funding, and the theatre’s creative partnership with the Hudawi Cultural Centre (1996-2000).
    At the time of the conversion, the Methodist Church owned the freehold to the theatre building, but the leasehold belonged to the Council. The files in the Legal Affairs series relate to the management of this lease (1989-1997).
    Researchers interested in how shows, concerts and events were brought to the attention of the public may wish to consult the publicity files within the Publicity and Marketing section, which contain marketing strategies, press releases and photographs of performers. Additional, loose publicity photographs can be found within KTT/PT/1. The Publicity and Marketing series also contains posters, brochures and programmes (1994-2016).
    The Project Management section contains records generated during the lottery funded project to establish an archive of the Lawrence Batley Theatre. It is in this section that the scope of the archive widens, and programmes, press cuttings and other ephemera relating to the history of theatre in Huddersfield generally, and the history of the Lawrence Batley Theatre building are included. Oral history recordings and written reminiscences on these subjects are also present.
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  • LBC

    Left Book Club Fonds

    Incomplete set of publications by the Left Book Club, a publishing group that exerted a strong left-wing influence in the UK particularly during 1936 to 1948. The Club offered a monthly book choice, for sale to members only, as well as a newsletter that acquired the status of a major political magazine. It also held an annual rally. It ceased publishing in 1948 in its original form, with the concept and series being revived in 2015, following at least one earlier effort to relaunch the series in the early 2000s.
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