• HUD

    University of Huddersfield Archive Fonds

    This collection contains the records of the work and activities of the University of Huddersfield and its predecessor institutions back to its foundation in 1841. The initial purpose of the organisation was to give the opportunity of a basic education to the local community, and this remit has expanded over the years to the current status of the organisation, that of a fully fledged university offering undergraduate and postgraduate education and research opportunities on a local, national and international scale.

    A core section of the records reflect the decision making apparatus of the university. The Governance section includes the minutes of the University Council and Senate, and the Teaching and Learning Committees, which determines strategy and policy across the organisation, and at a local level, the minutes of the School Boards. Annual Reports and Strategic and Corporate Plans contains a record of the long term planning for the institution, and the legal and statutory requirements of inspection and reporting are also contained in this section.

    The correspondence in to and out from the institution describe issues of importance to staff, students and stakeholders, from the sponsor employers of the early days of the Technical College, to the partnerships with other educational and industrial organisations in the late 20th century. Internal memos reflect the types of educational and policy information circulated for the notice of staff, and the papers of the senior officers of the institution show the day to day work and more in depth projects undertaken to develop the institution's reputation and educational influence over time.

    Another core section of activity is the recording of students of the institution, and their associated academic and scholarly activity. Student timetables, attendance and progress reports, scholarship and exam registers, prize records and awards of qualifications conferred are all contained within the Academic Administration section. Student records themselves have their own section, and contain a varied amount of information about the student and their background dependent on the period in which they enrolled. These records are subject to Data Protection legislation, and researchers can make a Subject Access request. Records are opened on the assumption of the age of the youngest student being 16, and adding a closure period to their 100th birthday, which means a rolling closure for 84 years. The records in the Teaching and Learning section cover the academic planning and operational side of the institution at a local level. Divided by school, in addition to the School Board minutes there are exam and module assessment board minutes, course proposals and handbooks (incomplete), course and school publicity leaflets and school administration files by subject.

    The Marketing and Communications section may be of particular interest to researchers wanting to know more about the life of the institution and its ways of working and communicating information to staff and students. It contains an almost complete run of institutional prospectuses, which in the early days included a lot of published information about prize winners, exam results and scholarship programmes, as well as the courses running semester to semester in the College. Newspaper cuttings cover the period 1880s-1920s and then the 1920s - 1990s and are also fairly complete. Focusing mainly on the local press they show both the academic and social side of the institution. Research reports cover the annual research activities of academic staff, and there is also a set of staff newsletters which is fairly complete from 1967 - 2010s.

    In addition to subject files contained in the Library and Archive section, there are early library catalogues and a special collection of books from the Mechanics Institute library. The Events section covers significant university events such as the installation of the senior officials to royal visits, and the public events those of an important nature to the history of the college, such as anniversaries. Records of the University Press and it's published output are also contained within the records, except for journal articles and papers which are contained in the e-prints repository:

    The photographic and AV collection contains photographs of buildings, staff, students and events and many of them have been digitised. There is also a significant amount of video material of graduations and significant events. The day to day business of the institution, development of the campus and turnover of staff and equipment is recorded in the Estates, Finance and HR sections.
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  • HXA

    Library of the Halifax Antiquarian Society Fonds

    Published material relating to Halifax and surrounding area, accumulated by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.
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  • HZW

    Wood, Hazel Collection of John Guthrie Scores Fonds

    One file of notes and seven printed scores of musical works by John Guthrie that belonged to Hazel Wood, a singing and music teacher. All of Guthrie's works in this collection include words/poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca.
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  • ILP

    Independent Labour Party pamphlets Fonds

    20th century
    Large quantity of pamphlets which includes the following:

    Author Title Date Publisher
    Allen, Clifford Socialism and the next Labour Government 1925 Independent Labour Party
    Anderson, W. C. Address Delivered to the I. L. P. at Birmingham 1911 Independent Labour Party
    Anderson, W. C. Parliament and Trade Union History Independent Labour Party
    Anderson, W. C. The Profiteers' Parliament 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Angell, Norman War and the Workers The National Labour Press
    Arnot, R. Page Trade Unionism a New Model 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Attlee, C. R. Socialism for Trade Unionists Independent Labour Party
    Aveling, Edward Wilhelm Liebknect and the Social-Democratic Movement in Germany Twentieth Century Press
    Ayles, Walter H. What a Socialist Town Council Would Do Independent Labour Party
    Back Bench Labour MP The Capitalist Influence in Parliament Independent Labour Party
    Bannister, Don Workers' Control in the Modern World League for Workers' Contol
    Barnes, Geo. N. Robert Burns Independent Labour Party
    Barr, James The Church and War 1932 "Forward" Printing and Publishing
    Barr, John Labour and the Money Problem 1920 Labour Pioneer Press
    Bateman, Don Reaping the Whirlwind 1950 Independent Labour Party
    Bax, Belfort E. and H. Quelch A New Catechism of Socialism 1901 Twentieth Century Press
    Bax, Belfort E. and H. Quelch A New Catechism of Socialism. Sixth Edition 1909 Twentieth Century Press
    Benson, George Socialism and Capitalism Independent Labour Party
    Benson, T. D. A Socialist's View of the Reformation The Labour Leader
    Benson, T. D. Socialism Independent Labour Party
    Besant, Annie (ed) Our Corner Vol 12, no 5 November 1888 London Free Thoughts Publishing
    Binns, Titus War Profiteering in the Worsted Trade 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Birkett, Stan Humanity versus the Hydrogen Bomb Independent Labour Party
    Bondfield, Margaret, F. A. Broad, Harold E. Clay et al Trade Unions and Socialism 1926 Independent Labour Party
    Brailsford, H. N, The "City or the Nation? Independent Labour Party
    Brannan, Hugh The Miners' Next Step Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, A. Fenner Hands Off the Railmen's Wages! Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, A. Fenner How to End War Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, A. Fenner All About the I. L. P. Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, A. Fenner Lloyd George and the Traffic in Honours Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, A. Fenner Socialism at the Cross-roads: Why the I.L.P. Left the Labour Party 1932 Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, A. Fenner Socialism with Speed Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, Fenner The Way Out Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, Fenner Should They be Compelled to Fight?: The Case of Suresh Vaidya 1944 Indian Freedom Campaign
    Brockway, Fenner The Next Step: Towards Working-Class Unity 1933 Independent Labour Party
    Brockway, Fenner Stop the War by Socialism 1941 Independent Labour Party
    Brown, Oliver War for Freedom or Finance? 1941 Independent Labour Party
    Brown, W. Oliver The Hypocrisy and Folly of this War Scottish Anti-War Council
    Buchanan, George "I resemble the ordinary person in this land who if War Is Declared will have to bear the brunt of it": what you can do 1938 Independent Labour Party
    Buxton, Charles Roden What is Socialism? Independent Labour Party
    Campbell, H. A. Banking, Finance and Currency 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Campbell, H. A. Socialism at Work in Queensland The National Labour Press
    Campbell, R. J. Socialism 1907 Independent Labour Party
    Campion, Sidney R. The Slaves of England Independent Labour Party
    Campion, Sidney R. The Bankruptcy of Capitalism Independent Labour Party
    Cocks, F. Seymour Socialism and Agriculture Independent Labour Party
    Cook, A. J. The Nine Days: The Story of the General Strike told by the Miners' Secretary Co-operative Printing Society Ltd
    Coxon, Tony We Must Not Have, There Should Not Be Second Class Citizens Independent Labour Party
    Crooks, Will The Truth About the Warmakers Daily Chronicle
    Dickson, Thomas Unemployment: its Cause and the Cure Independent Labour Party
    Douglas, C. H. The Douglas Theory Cecil Palmer
    Dunnico, Herbert A Pocket Handbook for County Councillors 1925 Independent Labour Party
    Edwards, Bob War is NOT inevitable Independent Labour Party
    Edwards, Bob Chemicals and the Crisis National Labour Press
    Edwards, Bob Workers! Freedom or Servitude? 1940 Independent Labour Party
    Edwards, Bob Challenge of Labour in the U. S. A. 1939 The National Labour Press
    Edwards, Bob 1947: World Survey and War Warning 1947 Independent Labour Party
    Edwards, Bob Bob Edwards Exposes Tory Betrayal 1945 Harley Millichap
    Edwards, John Politics and the Independent Labour Party 1897 Independent Labour Party
    Edwards, Robert War on the People: An Exposure of the Chemical Kings and their Nazi Associates 1943 New Labour Press
    Ensor, R. C. K. Healthy Homes for All 1912 Independent Labour Party
    Farrel, J. M. Spain After Franco: The Workers' Struggle Independent Labour Party
    Gavan-Duffy, T. The Labour Party in Parliament The National Labour Press
    Gavan-Duffy, T. Liberalism Plus Capitalism Independent Labour Party
    Gibson, David Butter Before Guns! Independent Labour Party
    Gillian, Arthur J. The Menace of Chemical Warfare to Civilian Populations 1932 The Chemical Workers' Union
    Glasier, J. Bruce The Making of Wealth Independent Labour Party
    Glasier, J. Bruce Keir Hardie: the Man and his Message 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Glasier, J. Bruce Labour: Its Politics and Ideals 1903 Independent Labour Party
    Glasier, J. Bruce Socialism in Song The National Labour Press
    Glasier, J. Bruce The History of John and James Independent Labour Party
    Graham, Jim Socialism and Workers' Councils 1957 Independent Labour Party
    Graham, Jim Nationalisation: A Socialist Analysis 1958 Independent Labour Party
    Hallas, Eldred A German Soldier Writes to his Father W. H. Smith and Son
    Hardie, George D. Coal and the Miner Reformers' Bookstall, Limited
    Hempsall, John The Muddle in Salford Social Democrat Union
    Henderson, Fred Socialism and Confiscation Independent Labour Party
    Henderson, Fred The ABC of Socialism Independent Labour Party
    Henderson, Fred The Monetary System in Relation to the Welfare State 1955 The Henderson Society
    Horwill, George Capitalism and the Far East 1921 Independent Labour Party
    Hughes, Emrys Socialism and the Mining Industry Independent Labour Party
    Hughes, Emrys King Coal, the Case for the Miners and Public Ownership of the Mines Independent Labour Party
    Humphrey, A. W. The Allies' Crime Against Russia 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Hunter, Ernest E. Wages and Families: Why Workers Should support Children's Allowance Independent Labour Party
    Hutchinson, T. D. The Mesopotamia Scandal: A Story of Military Incompetance 1917 The National Labour Press
    Hutchinson, Zeph The Trusts Grip Cotton 1920 Independent Labour Party
    Independent Labour Party Report of the First General Conference of the Independent Labour Party on 13th and 14th January 1893 1893 Independent Labour Party
    Jefferies, Richard Saint Guido 1908 Independent Labour Party
    Johnson, Francis Keir Hardie's Socialism 1922 Independent Labour Party
    Johnson, Francis Labour in Office: Complete List of The Ministry Labour Members of Parliament and Labour Candidates 1929 Independent Labour Party
    Johnson, Francis Election Pamphlet for April 7th 1913, Southgate Urban District Council 1913 S. B. Goode
    Johnston, Thomas Municipal Banks: How to Run Them Independent Labour Party
    Jowett, F. W. What Made Me a Socialist Independent Labour Party
    Jowett, F. W. The I. L. P. says No to the Present Standing Orders of the Labour Party Independent Labour Party
    Jowett, F. W. Address of the Chairman F. W. Jowett to the Annual Conference held at Norwich April 1915 1915 Independent Labour Party
    Jowett, F. W. and H. B. Lees Smith The Reform of Parliament 1925 Independent Labour Party
    Jowett. F. W. Socialism in Our Time 1926 Independent Labour Party
    Kautsky, Karl The Capitalist Class Socialist Labour Press
    Kinnersley, Pat and Mike Cooley Jobs in the Environment Independent Labour Party
    Kirkwood, David To the Manchester Labour Conference 1917 1917 Labour Press Society
    Kneeshaw, J. W. What Socialism Means Independent Labour Party
    Kneeshaw, J. W. Democracy "Done Brown" 1920 Independent Labour Party
    Kneeshaw, J. W. Conscription and Motherhood The National Labour Press
    Lansbury, George Socialism versus Protection: The Battle Cry of the Election 1923 Independent Labour Party
    Lawley, F. E. Nationalise the Railways Independent Labour Party
    Lee, Richard Why Good Men Go Wrong on War 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Lloyd, C.M. The Abolition of the Poor Law Independent Labour Party
    Lloyd, C.M. The New Children's Charter 1912 Independent Labour Party
    Lowe, David John Barlad: Sweet Singer and Socialist 1915 Craig Woodhouse Publishing Company
    Luxemburg, Rosa Leninism or Marxism? 1935 Independent Labour Party
    MacDonald, Ramsay The History of the I. L. P. Independent Labour Party
    MacDonald, Ramsay Six Months of Labour Government 1924 Independent Labour Party
    MacDonald, Ramsay J. Socialism for Business Men 1925 Independent Labour Party
    MacLeod, John Banks, Prices, and Unemployment Independent Labour Party
    Manchester Social Credit Group The Socialisation of Credit Manchester Social Credit Group
    Mann, Tom What the I.L.P. is Driving At 1895 Labour Press Society
    Mardy Jones, T. I. Mining Royalties and All About Them Independent Labour Party
    Marx, Karl and Frederick Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party 1933 Martin Lawrence
    Marx, Karl and J. L. Joynes (trans) Wage = Labour and Capital. New Edition 1906 Twentieth Century Press
    Maxton, James Keir Hardie: Prophet and Pioneer Francis Johnson
    Maxton, James The Roads to Socialism 1929 Independent Labour Party
    Maxton, James Twenty Points for Socialism Independent Labour Party
    Maxton, James, George Buchanan, Campbell Stephen, and William Gallacher "I have listened to more Cant and Humbug…" Extracts from Speeches by James Maxton MP, George Buchanan MP, Campbell Stephen MP William Gallacher MP on the Abdication (Dec 10th and 11th 1936) 1936 Independent Labour Party
    McArthur, Archie Religion and Socialism: A Plea for Both Independent Labour Party
    McArthur, Archie A World of Justice and Love: its Possibility Independent Labour Party
    McGovern, John Why the I.L.P. Voted Against the Government: Speech in the House of Commons May 1941 1941 Independent Labour Party
    McGovern, John Interview with Col. Greenwood National Labour Press
    McKie, James The Government's Pension Swindle, and the Socialist Answer Independent Labour Party
    McMillan, Margaret The Bard at the Brass 1909 Independent Labour Party
    McMillan, Margaret New Life in our Schools Women's Cooperative Guild
    McMillan, Margaret The Beginnings of Education Independent Labour Party
    McMillan, Margaret and A. Cobden Sanderson London's Children: How to Feed Them and How Not to Feed Them Independent Labour Party
    McNair, John What the Independent Labour Party Stands For 1945 Independent Labour Party
    McNair, John James Maxton 1947 National Labour Press
    McNair, John Make Britain Socialist Now! 1942 Independent Labour Party
    McNair, John Socialist Life versus Atomic Death 1948 Independent Labour Party
    McNair, John (ed) Calendar for 1946 with quotations 1946 International Socialism the World for the Workers
    McNair, John, Fenner Brockway, John Hatch et al 5 Points for the British People Independent Labour Party
    Melland, Edward A Plea for Parliamentary Government 1919 George Allen and Unwin Ltd
    Mellor, William The Claim of the Unemployed The Socialist League
    Members of the Council of the I. L. P. Let Us Reform the Labour Party The Fellowship Press
    Millichap, Harley They Fear the Peace 1944 Independent Labour Party
    Morant, Amy C. Liberalism Unveiled or a Creed without a Programme 1895 Independent Labour Party
    Morel, E. D. Why? A Question and an Appeal to British Labour The National Labour Press
    Morel, E. D. Morocco and Armageddon 1915 Independent Labour Party
    Morel, E. D. Pre-war Diplomacy - Fresh Revelations Independent Labour Party
    Morris, Will Co-ops and the War Independent Labour Party
    Morris, William Useful Work versus Useless Toil J. Turner
    Morris, William A King's Lesson. Fourth Edition
    Morrison, Herbert A New Appeal to the Young 1932 The Labour Party
    Muse, Charles E. Poverty and Drunkenness Labour Press Society
    National Administrative Council of the Independent Labour Party Annual Report to be submitted to the Seventy-Third Conference at Blackpool 17-19 April 1965 1965 Independent Labour Party
    National Administrative Council of the Independent Labour Party Annual Report to be submitted to the Forty-Ninth Annual Conference, Nelson, Lancs, 12-14 April 1941 1941 Independent Labour Party
    National Administrative Council of the Independent Labour Party Annual Report to be submitted to the Forty-Eighth Annual Conference, Nottingham March 23-25 1940
    National Industrial Committee What Next in the Printing Industry? Second Edition 1957 Independent Labour Party
    Naylor, Tom Polticial Economy: The Gospel of the Rich, An Ooutline and a Criticism The Labour Leader
    Neft, R. Chunks of Socialism 1927 Independent Labour Party
    Nevinson, H.W. The Curse of the Worker's Life Independent Labour Party
    Newbold Walton, J. T. Capitalism and the War: The Economic Aims of the Great Powers National Labour Press
    Norman, C. H. Britain and the War: A Study in Diplomacy 1914 The National Labour Press
    Norman, C. H. British Militarism: A reply to Robert Blatchford. Second Edition 1915 Independent Labour Party
    Orr, Boyd The Role of the Rebel in Society 1950 Maxton Memorial Committee
    Padley, Walter The Real Battle for Britain 1943 Independent Labour Party
    Pallister, Minnie Socialism, Equality and Happiness Independent Labour Party
    Pannekoek, Anton The Way to Workers' Control 1953 Independent Labour Party
    Paton, John Wealth, Work, and Wages 1929 Independent Labour Party
    Reckitt, Maurice B. The Problem of Workers' Control: Industry and Democracy, an Historical Outline League for Workers' Contol
    Reckitt, Maurice B. Industry and Democracy, an Historical Outline League for Workers' Contol
    Richter, Lina Family Life in Germany under the Blockade 1919 National Labour Press
    Roberts, F. O. Labour and War Pensions 1936 Labour Publications Department
    Roden, Charles and Dorothy Frances Buxton In A German Miner's Home 1921 Independent Labour Party
    Roebuck, C. M. The Natural History of a Lie: Being a Study in Bourgeoise Frightfulness British Socialist Party
    Rogers, Douglas Strikes and the Labour Government 1947 Independent Labour Party
    Rosett, Joshua The Rise of a New Russian Autocracy 1919 Independent Labour Party
    Russell, Bertrand Political Ideals National Council for Civil Liberties
    Salter, Dr. A Living Wage for All 1923 Independent Labour Party
    Scott, C. J. Why You Should Be a Socialist and Help to Bring about a Social Democrat System of Society in the Near Future 1929
    Shaw, Alexander Election Pamphlet for 4 November 1922, Kilmarnock 1922 David Marshall
    Shaw, Bernard Conscientious Objectors 1945 Central Board for Conscientious Objectors
    Shaw, Bernard The League of Nations 1929 The Fabian Society
    Shinwell, E. Nationalisation of the Mines: A Practical Policy Independent Labour Party
    Small, Laurence Darwinism and Socialism Independent Labour Party
    Smart, Russell H. Socialism and the Budget 1907 Independent Labour Party
    Snowden, Philip The Economic Case for Socialism Independent Labour Party
    Snowden, Philip The Individual Under Socialism Independent Labour Party
    Snowden, Philip Back to the Land: How to get Small Holdings and Allotments Independent Labour Party
    Snowden, Philip Why the Governments Cannot Make Peace 1918 National Labour Press
    Snowden, Philip The Menace of Protection 1930 The Labour Party
    Snowden, Philip Socialism Made Plain 1920 Independent Labour Party
    Snowden, Philip The Chamberlain Bubble: Facts about the Zollverein 1903 Independent Labour Party
    Snowden, Philip The Game of Party Politics 1913 Independent Labour Party
    Southall, Joseph Fables and Illustrations
    Spokeshave Jones's Boys: Dialogues on Social Questions Between an 'enfant terrible' and His Father 1912 Twentieth Century Press
    Stephenson, Tom and Hugh Brannan The Miners' Case Independent Labour Party
    Stewart, William Fighters for Freedom: The Days of Baird and Hardie 1920 Reformers' Bookstall, Limited
    Summerbell, T. Afforestation: The Unemployed and the Land Independent Labour Party
    Suthers, R. B. Simple Simon - the Socialist Scoundrel 1932 The Labour Party
    Tait, Fred The Jugglers of Finance are Bleeding the Nation White 1932 Independent Labour Party
    Taylor, Tom Defend Socialism from the Communists 1942 Independent Labour Party
    Taylor, W. L. The Trusts verus the Peoplw 1946? Independent Labour Party
    Tchitchovsky, T. The Socialist Movement in Bulgaria 1931 Lamley and Co
    Tillett, Ben An Address on Character and Environment Labour Press Society
    Touchstone Scottish Parish Councils (Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1894) Glasgow Fabian Society
    Triple Industrial Alliance Facts about the Coal Dispute Triple Industrial Alliance
    Wales, Julia Grace Continuous Mediation without Armistice 1915 Women's International Congress
    Walker, R. B. Speed the Plough: A New Policy for Farming 1924 Independent Labour Party
    Wallhead, R. C. The International 1924 Independent Labour Party
    Wardle, George J. The Nationalisation of Railways 1908 Independent Labour Party
    Washington, Samuel Whose Dog art Thou? Independent Labour Party
    Webb, Mrs. Sidney Complete National Provision for Sickness: How to Amend the Insurance Act 1912 Independent Labour Party
    Webb, Sidney The Reform of the House of Lords 1917 The Fabian Society
    Webb, Sidney The Labour Party on the Threshold 1923 The Fabian Society
    Wedgewood jr., Josiah Wealth Waste and Want: Our Country's Weath Independent Labour Party
    Wheatley, John Starving in the Midst of Plenty: A Reply to Mr. Harold Cox The Reformer's Bookstall
    Wheatley, John Labour Exposes the Pensions Scheme The Trade Union Congress and the Labour Party
    White, Gilbert The Council as Bankers: What Birmingham has done other Councils should do. The Treasury Regulations and other useful information about Municipal Banking 1930 Independent Labour Party
    Whiteley, William J. Bruce Glasier, born March 25 1859, died June 4 1920: A Memorial 1919 National Labour Press
    Wigham, Wilfred S. The Closed Shop 1947 Independent Labour Party
    Williams, Robert Patriotism False and True 1900 William Reeves
    Williams, T. Russell Should the Liberal and Labour Parties Unite? 1903 Arthur J. Cooper, "Chronicle" Office
    Wise, E. F. Wheat Dumping versus State Purchase 1929 Independent Labour Party
    Woodburn, Arthur The Mystery of Money 1929 N. C. L. C. Publishing Society
    The Capitalist Press: Who Owns it and Why! Independent Labour Party
    The Secret International: Armament Firms at Work Union of Democratic Control
    A Socialist Policy for Agriculture 1924
    The Coal Situation: Notes of a Meeting 1926
    All About the I. L. P. 1899 Independent Labour Party
    The Socialist Challeneg to Poverty, Fascism, Imperialism, War 1938? Independent Labour Party
    The Question: Socialism or Chaos for all Mankind Independent Labour Party
    A Golden Treasury from Near and Far 1907 Independent Labour Party
    Literature for the Labour Bookshelf 1926 Independent Labour Party
    Election Handbook 1943 C. W. Publishing
    Renew the Wage Demand!! Independent Labour Party
    Imperialism: its Meaning and its Tendency 1900 Independent Labour Party
    Behind Armament: Preparing for Fascism in Britain Independent Social Party
    Bejay Calling 1931 The Workers' Press
    Nationalisation or Socialism? The Socialist Party of Great Britain
    Palestine 1936 International Secretariat of the League Against Imperialism and for National Independence
    Violence in India: Is Congress to Blame? A Comment on the Government White Paper 1943 Indian Freedom Campaign
    Who Pays for Attacks on Labour? Independent Labour Party
    Report of London and Home Counties Conference on Workers' Control 1970 Institute for Workers' Control
    The History of the I. L. P. Independent Labour Party
    Facts on the Nuclear Arms Race 1958 L. R. D. Publications Ltd
    The Right to Work: A Common Sense Team, The Idle Man and the Idle Land The Right to Work National Council
    Craft Unionism or Industrial Unionism: which? Socialist Propaganda League
    Commercialism and Child Labour: An Indictment and Some Remedies 1900 Independent Labour Party
    Through the Class Struggle to Socialism (resolutions adopted at Annual Conference Easter 1937) 1937 Independent Labour Party
    The Socialist Challenge: I.L.P. Policy on Poverty, Nazism, Imperialism, War and Peace 1940 Independent Labour Party
    Presentation and Unveiling of Bust of J. Keir Hardie 20th January 1948 1948 National Labour Press
    The People's Savings The Labour Party
    Socialism: Mr Victor Grayson M. P. versus Mr W. Joynson-Hicks, Debate in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester February 14th 1908, Authorised Verbatim Report 1908 Daily Dispatch
    Independent Labour Party information leaflet 1945 Independent Labour Party
    50 Shots for Municipal Socialism Thornton and Pearson
    Trade Unions in Soviet Russia 1920 Independent Labour Party
    Yalta and You: Hansard's Revelations Independent Labour Party
    The Socialist Challenge to Poverty, Fascism, Imperialism, War 1938 Independent Labour Party
    How to Organise a Branch of the Party 1965 Independent Labour Party
    I.L.P. Demonstration Internationalism and Peace information leaflet 1910 Independent Labour Party
    A Socialist Plan for Britain Independent Labour Party
    What the I.L.P. Stands For Independent Labour Party
    The Overtown Horror The Labour Leader
    Labour's Song Book 1931 Independent Labour Party
    The Seventy-Ninth Annual Conference of the Independent Labour Party April 10th-12th, Morecambe 1971 Independent Labour Party
    Eight Hours by Law: A Practical Solution 1911 Independent Labour Party
    The Case for an Eight Hours Bill 1891 The Fabian Society
    The Communist International 1920 Independent Labour Party
    Decisions of the Forty-Second I.L.P. Annual Conference 1934 Independent Labour Party
    Britain Reborn: 1 Power and Fuel The Co-operative Party
    The Independent Labour Party: What It Is and Where It Stands Independent Labour Party

    There are many more pamphlets in this collection than have been listed above.
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  • ISM

    Incorporated Society of Musicians, Huddersfield Branch Fonds

    This archive contains the committee minutes and organisational papers for the Huddersfield branch of the society of musicians. The society was active in representing the interests of professional musicians.
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  • JBS

    'The Junior Bookshelf ' Collection Fonds

    Records, books, booklets and objects relating to the children's literary journal published in Huddersfield.

    Includes a complete series of the published magazine, letters from children's authors and journal subscribers, draft articles from contributors and financial records. In addition, some printing blocks for the magazine's illustrations survive, as does a short account of its history written by the editor. There are records relating to children's libraries and librarianship, publishing for children, as well as material relating to literary awards.

    JBS/1 The Journal Bookshelf Journal and Related Publications
    JBS/2 Editors' Files
    JBS/3 Financial Records
    JBS/4 Subscribers' Records
    JBS/5 Miscellaneous Records and Objects
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  • JHW

    Whitley, John Henry, Archive Fonds

    1876- 2011
    Collection documents the varied career and personal life of John Henry Whitley. Whitley's occupations included Halifax mill owner, champion of universal education, revered local politician, Speaker of the House of Commons, Chairman of the Royal Commission on Labour in India and Chairman at the BBC.

    Key items form the archive includes letters from Winston Churchill and King George V and the autographs of Gandhi, Benito Mussolini and cricketer Wilfred Rhodes.

    The collection is split into 8 sections: reference sources relating to J. H. Whitley; scrapbooks compiled by the Whitley family; personal papers, correspondence and photographs relating to Whitley's career and family life; press cuttings referring to J.H. Whitley; a series of cartoons from Punch magazine commenting on Whitley's career; a section concentrating on the history of Whitley councils; material relating to Whitley's relationship with his school, Clifton College and information relating to the General Strike of May 1926.
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  • JOC

    O'Connell, John Archive Fonds

    1. Transcript of his unpublished book 'A Guide to English Grammar and Exercised in Sentence Construction', rejected by the publisher 'as too out of date'.
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  • JOG

    Ogle Needlework Library Fonds

    Library of fashion and pattern-making books, deposited by Jo Ogle
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  • JPK

    Petraczek, Josef, archive Fonds

    This archive contains the personal papers of a scientific gentleman, Josef Petracek, that were discovered amongst the papers of a Technical College professor. The box of papers contain a personal archive including correspondence, photographs, educational records and lifestyle documents about his life in Vienna and in Huddersfield, where he worked in chemical engineering. Many of the documents are in an early 20th century form of German.
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