4th April 2017

We regret that the online catalogue is currently unavailable, and apologise for any inconvenience.

We are working to restore access to the online catalogue, and aim to have the technical issues resolved and the catalogue available again in the near future. Unfortunately at the time of writing (6/7/17) we do not currently have a date for this.

Print style copies of some catalogues are available to search/download for sport collections and politics collections on our Issuu site.

If you are interested in the British Music Collection, you can search the catalogue data for scores and recordings only at

Information about some of our collections is available on the Archives Hub.

During this time please contact us with queries about the contents of other collections.

8 thoughts on “Archives

  1.   Spyridon Ginis says:

    I was studding in HUDDERSFIELD POLYTECHNIC textile technology 1977-1979 for HND.I need my diploma original or copy and i need your help.Please give me any possible contact.

  2.   Keith E Pollard says:

    I am trying to find information on British Amateur Rugby League teams that have represented the country since 1972 and have been informed that you may well have this .
    I know it has been organised through various organisations such as the RFL and BARLA but I have contacted both of them but had no response.
    You are my last hope.

    1.   Lindsay Ince says:

      We do apologise for our online catalogue being temporarily unavailable, we hope to have solved the problem soon!

      In the meantime, there is another method of searching our Rugby collection online. If you follow this link, we have uploaded the paper catalogue of our Sports collections.

      Once you’ve loaded the page, if you left click on the first page of the catalogue in the black viewing box which has our logo and the four rugby pictures in it, then on your keyboard press the Ctrl and the F keys you’ll see a little black search box come up in the window where the catalogue is. If you type BARLA into that box, it will search the whole paper catalogue for you and bring up any mentions of BARLA, and you can use the tools on the bottom right of the catalogue window to zoom in or magnify the catalogue to read things in more detail. Hope this helps!

  3.   Paul Eric Spencer says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am trying to obtain a certified copy of my wife’s grandmother’s birth certificate or a page of the 1881 Census return showing her name and date of birth. Her name was Mary Elizabeth Rowles. Her date of birth was in 1874 and her name appears in the 1881 Census. Her address was Cowburns Building, Hollinbank Lane, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I need documentary proof of her birth to try and obtain a British Passport for my wife. If someone needs to collect the certified copy I will ask one of brothers to collect it as they both live in Huddersfield. I am a former student of Huddersfield College of Technology.
    Yours faithfully,
    Paul Eric Spencer.

    1.   Lindsay Ince says:

      Unfortunately, as a University archive we are not the place of deposit for general registration or census records. We were able to re-direct Paul to the nearest local authority archive, West Yorkshire Archive Service at Kirklees, who do hold those records. We also made the suggestion that he might contact the General Register Office who provide an online ordering service for copies of birth, marriage and death certificates.

  4.   Deanne Wood says:

    Good Morning
    For some time I have been trying to locate a book which I believe you may hold:-
    The Frobisher Story : the armorial bearings of Sir Martin Frobisher, Knight / George Frobisher, 1978
    As you are off/line I’m not sure if you are a selling agent or a library.
    Would you please advise if you hold this publication and if so is there some way I would be able to purchase a copy?
    Many thanks

    1.   Lindsay Ince says:

      The University Archive can make material available for research to those visiting our research room but we do not provide any sales services. We were able to provide Deanne with a couple of photocopied pages from the book referred to, relevant to her research, which were of interest to her.

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