• GPC

    Pratt, Garth Co-operative Society library Fonds

    Library concerning cooperativism, cooperative studies and the Fabian Society, including Cooperative Union Annual Congress Reports.
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  • GRA

    Rowe, Geoffrey, Collection Fonds

    Collection of drawings, books and journals on design collected by Geoffrey Rowe, Architect.
    The drawings will be catalogued by 31 December 2017.
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  • GT

    Thurgood, Graham, Archive Fonds

    This collection largely contains papers collated by Graham Thurgood on the History of Nursing in Halifax and Huddersfield 1870-1960 (PhD thesis). The collection contains varying oral history study resources i.e. raw materials such as: interview transcripts, audio tapes, consent forms, summary sheets, correspondence (printed and handwritten) and copyright forms (signed and blank).

    There is also research material not linked to specific interviewees, such as articles on the transition of nursing practices and experiences over the years comparing past and modern accounts. Also, the collection includes general nursing memorabilia, such as: copies of photos of interviewees as nurses and projection slides of nursing during the 1960s.
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  • GUE

    Guest Family History Archive Fonds

    19th century-20th century
    The Longbottom Family History Archive. This collection will be catalogued by the end of Dec 2017
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  • HCMF

    Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival Archive Fonds

    1964 - Present
    This collection will be fully catalogued by the end of Dec 2017

    It covers seven main areas:
    management of the festival;
    performers at the festival;
    marketing - including a full run of programme booklets;
    scores of works;
    recordings (mostly of works submitted for consideration for performance).
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  • HDAS

    Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society Archive Fonds

    Records of the running of the Society and of its activities (chiefly excavation, but also dissemination).

    Includes extensive material relating to the Society's work at the Roman site at Slack.

    The Society's extensive collection of artefacts, including much Roman pottery and glass that has been studied by professional archaeologists and featured in various reports, is NOT included in this archive, but is currently dispersed among Society members. Please contact the Society for further information.
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  • HFE

    Huddersfield Female Educational Institute Fonds

    This archive tells the story of the history of the female educational institute, one of the oldest in the country. It includes minutes (1856-1872), rules (n.d.), annual reports (1858-1882), attendance records (1848-1883), teachers' records (1882-1883), wages (1858-1881), membership records (1853-1883), expenditure (1846-1875), library records (1857-1883), letters (1867-1883) and miscellaneous (1873-1883). The minutes and annual reports are important sources for the administration of the Institute and the admission records give details of the actual students, their ages, addresses and occupations. Receipted bills give full accounts of the costs of living and the equipment needed for running the Institute and its Library.
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  • HFL

    Huddersfield Foreign Library Society Archive Fonds

    The collection records the names and literary interests of immigrants to Huddersfield, mostly from Europe, in the mid nineteenth century and comprises the administrative documents including letters, minutes of meetings, membership records including subscription books, membership cards, receipts, fines, balance sheets, catalogues, letters and advertising documents.
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  • HGS

    Huddersfield Guild Society Fonds

    Minute books, speeches and papers relating to the Huddersfield Guild Society. Contact or potential depositor may have been F E Shaw (name written on side of box)

    This collection is due to be catalogued by July 2017.
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  • HLB

    Holly Bank College of Education (Technical) Archive Fonds

    This collection contains the records of the Huddersfield College of Education (Technical) from its formation in 1947 until the point at which it was merged with the School of Education at Huddersfield Polytechnic in 1974. See the Related Material section for how to find records dated after 1974.

    The collection includes the papers and minutes of the governors and academic board and the wider strategic direction of the college, as well as operational minutes of internal committees. There are a number of files in the years preceding the merger considering the proposal and bringing together the opinions of interested stakeholders. There are a set of teaching materials and talks developed by the Principal, Alexander MacLennan. A small section on teaching and learning contains sample course syllabuses and reports on courses that have been reunning, as well as a set of dissertations and a number of reports from students taking part in educational exchange visits to countries across Europe.

    The Library series contains both articles written by staff and by external agents about the college. There are also some documents about the operation of the library and the planning of a new library building.
    There is also a series of papers relating to the Student Union, including student media, committee and some financial papers. There is also a series on the activities of the Old Student's Association (also known as the Former Student's Association) who were a membership body of former staff and students who held annual reunion conferences and dinners until their 60th anniversary in 2008, when they disbanded. It includes details of where conferences were held and correspondence between members, as well as snapshot views of the membership lists over time.

    There are also a number of photographs of staff and student groups, as well as internal and external photographs of college buildings, and of alumni in later years re-visiting the college and its accommodation.
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