• DCB

    Canter, David Environmental Psychology Library Fonds

    The library of works on the discipline of environmental psychology, collected by Professor David Canter and deposited with the University in 2011.
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  • DDC

    Druce, Duncan Archive Fonds

    7 Boxes containing 62 compositions by Duncan Druce. The collection includes a mixture of handwritten and printed scores, notes and programmes.
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  • DDL

    Denby Dale Labour Party Archive Fonds

    The archives of the Denby Dale Labour Party which includes minute books, financial records, photographs, promotional fliers and election campaign materials, and a brief history of the Party.
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  • DH

    Hodgson Cricket Collection Archive Fonds

    This collection contains correspondence and books on Cricket in Yorkshire collected by him.
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  • EMC

    The Robin Adams Early Music Collection Fonds

    Collection of commercially published vinyl LP records that relate to Early Music and particularly viol music. The collection was assembled by Robin Adams, a trustee of The Viola da Gamba Society.
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  • EN

    England Netball Archive Fonds

    Records of the start of netball in England and of England Netball and its predecessors from the foundation of the The All England Women's Net Ball Association in 1926 with material up to the present day.

    Main series of records include:
    Annual reports 1927-to the present day (EN/CP/1)
    Annual General Meeting minutes 1929-to the present day (EN/CP/4)
    Council minutes 1929-1999 (EN/CP/2/11)
    Committee minutes at EN/CP/2

    Rules of the game, training for umpires and player development 1919-2011 (EN/RU)
    Netball Magazine 1933-to the present day (EN/CR/2)

    Records of competitions, domestic and international 1949-to the present day (EN/CM)

    Scoresheets for domestic and international matches and tournaments 1949-to the present day (EN/CM)

    Press cuttings 1938-to the present day (EN/MD/3)

    Audio visual recordings of games 1902-2000s (EN/RE)

    These records were collated and catalogued as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project in 2016 celebrating 90 years of netball: led by Project Officer Helen Carter with assistance from Tasmine Castle and volunteer Elizabeth Sartori.
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  • FBS

    Friends Book Society Fonds

    These records reflect the history of the Friends Book Society, founded in 1834. It consists of minute books and two histories of the society. It also includes a small amount of modern material taking the history of the society up to the present day. The minutes reflect the rules of the society and how these have changed over time, the changing membership, the proposal of books, their flow around the membership and their eventual sale.
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  • FHP

    Folly Hall Mill Project Archive Fonds

    c 2009
    This collection contains the research outputs of the community led project into investigating the working life of the Folly Hall Mill, its owners, the Lumbs, and its employees. It contains records of the administrative side of the project, including reports for the Heritage Lottery fund (HLF), records of meetings to plan the project, steering report and other administrative papers. It also includes the outputs of research, including edited and unedited video interviews and copies of photographs. It also includes a copy of the project photographic exhibition boards, and a copy of the project website, which can be located at
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  • FPP

    Fine Art Poetry Press Fonds

    21st century
    A fine art press producing books and broadsides of well-known poets, including Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Longley.
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  • FRO

    Frobisher Family Archive Fonds

    Family papers, photograph albums and scrapbooks. Records inherited and created by George Frobisher (1911-1997) in the course of researching and publicising his family history. Includes two day books used by members of the family in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and several 19th century photographs. The archive contains material about the explorer, Sir Martin Frobisher.

    The collection is stored in an antique wooden box belonging to the Frobisher family and is arranged as follows:
    FRO/1 Wooden Box
    FRO/2 Day Books
    FRO/3 Photographs and Photograph Albums
    FRO/4 Family History Research Papers
    FRO/5 Family History Scrapbooks
    FRO/6 Correspondence with archivists
    FRO/7 Handwritten family tree
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