• BGP

    Bow Group Publications Library Fonds

    Bow Group Publications Library concerning political and social issues, deposited by Ann Carter.
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  • BLA

    Blatchford, Robert, Archive Fonds

    This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Robert Blatchford, socialist campaigner and journalist collected first by his immediate family and then passed into the care of Baron Lord David Clark of Windemere. It contains handwritten and bound and published copies of his poems, articles and other writings, including a matching bound set of his publications from Lord Clark's library. The collection also includes a large amount of correspondence written by Blatchford to his daughters, his personal accounts, records of his war service, newspaper cuttings and scrapbooks of his career.

    Box 1: Personal papers, accounts, correspondence and articles written by Blatchford.
    Box 2: Books by Blatchford from Lord Clark's library, mostly in English.
    Box 3: Bound matching set of Blatchford's books.
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  • BMC

    British Music Collection Fonds

    The music library and administrative records of the British Music Information Centre (BMIC).
    In addition to the 255 boxes of administrative records, the music library contains 40,000 scores and over 23,000 sound recordings of 20th and 21st Century British composition (defined by the BMIC as music that has been composed by an individual born or living in the UK). The majority of the collection relates to post-1960 and contemporary music, but also encompasses works from the late 19th century onwards. The collection of scores and recordings contains both published and unpublished works, and includes high-profile composers, such as Britten, Tippett, Birtwistle, Maxwell Davies, Cardew, Harvey, Weir, MacMillan, Turnage, Tate and Adès, as well as emerging composers and less well-known musicians.

    The scores in the collection were catalogued and arranged by BMIC staff into the following self-designed categories with the aim of best assisting users' (particularly would-be performers) access the collection: A - Symphony; B - Orchestra; C - Solo & Orchestra; D - Solo & Strings; E - String Orchestra; F - Music Theatre & Opera; G - Accompanied Choral; H - Classical Chamber (3-6 players); Ha - Chamber Miscellaneous; Hb - Chamber Brass; Hv - Chamber Vocal; Hw - Chamber Woodwind; I - Solo; Id - Duo; J - Piano & Soloist; Ko - Organ; Kp - Piano; L - Piano Duo; M - Song; N - Unaccompanied Choral; O - Band; P - Collections/Anthologies; T - Experimental. This arrangement has been maintained in the catalogue and the physical collection.

    The scores within the collection have a Reference Number that begins BMC/SC/... The recordings within the collection have a Reference Number that begins BMC/RE/...

    To search the online catalogue for a particular score category, type the category name into the 'Term' field. To search for a specific composer's works then type all or part of the composer's name into the 'Person's name' field. To search for the title of a piece then type all or part of the title into the 'Title or description contains' field.

    The sound recordings in the collection include both commercial and private recordings donated by publishers and composers, recordings of concerts and events that took place at the BMIC and other related music organisations (e.g. the Society for the Promotion of New Music), and recordings of BBC Radio 3 broadcasts. The recordings are stored on a variety of formats, including VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, vinyl records, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs. There is also a very small number of reel to reel audio tapes and DAT tapes. Live concerts promoted by the BMIC and recorded onto Betamax, VHS, DAT and cassette tapes have been digitised and may be available online - digital files will be linked from the individual catalogue records. These concerts were never professionally recorded or commercially distributed, so the sound quality may vary.

    The collection also contains administrative records of the British Music Information Centre. These records concern the management and administration of the BMIC, including its premises, corporate development and finances, as well as records that document the activities, events and projects that the BMIC was involved in. These records also include additional library resources that were available to the Centre's users, including music journals, magazines, newsletters, concert and festival programmes and composer information files. The composer files were compiled by the BMIC and contain varying amounts of information concerning the biographies and works of British composers.
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  • BOH

    Buildings of Huddersfield Project Archive Fonds

    The Buildings of Huddersfield project was initiated by the Local Architecture Research Group, to research and make available historical information about the architecture of buildings in the town. The Group was made possible by an HLF grant, which funded the creation of the steering group, the research project, and funds to disseminate the information, both through a website and through public events. The project ran from 2008-2012. Also includes a CD ROM.

    Subsequently the project was taken forward by the Civic Society and Local History Society supported by Huddersfield Exposed. A website including information generated by the 2008-2012 project and subsequently greatly expanded can be seen at
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  • BOO

    Booth, Albert Photographic Collection Fonds

    The professional photographic collection and library of Albert Booth, notable Huddersfield photographer.
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  • BOT

    Booth, Albert, Photographic Archive Fonds

    The archive of Albert Booth, notable Huddersfield photographer (1927-2009)

    This collection contains photographs and negatives taken by Albert Booth of the Huddersfield and West Yorkshire areas. Primarily concerned with buildings and architectural features, some of the photography was carried out as part of his work in the Architects Department of Barnsley's South Yorkshire City Council. Many of these photographs are labelled in their sleeves and mention the place or architect's name so can be identified. There is also a run of images on the Yorkshire Sculpture Park from around the 1990s period.
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  • BSS

    Brearley Baptist Sunday School Library Fonds

    Books taken from the library of the Brearley Baptist Sunday School.
    The Church was established in March 1846 by a number of the congregation of Ebenezer Baptish Church in Hebden Bridge, who wanted to establish a local Baptist cause. It replaced an earlier Bethel chapel. They raised £3000 to build a new chapel, which open on the 15th July 1875 and was designed by Horsfall, Wardle and Patchett. The Sunday School was also established in this year, and the church continued into the 1890s, when two of the three local mills closed down and people left the district in search of work. The Church was later demolished and houses built on the site.
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  • BTM

    Bottomley, J. home economics library Fonds

    Collection of students school/study books belonging to Miss J Bottomley on the subject of home economics, including cooking, needlework, laundry, housekeeping, food and nutrition.
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  • BUC

    Buck, Andrew Archive Fonds

    This collection will be catalogued by Dec 2018.

    3 boxes containing architectural diagrams, photographs and plans.
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  • CAV

    Centre for Visual and Oral History Research Fonds

    The Centre has undertaken a number of oral history projects including communities and social groups whose experiences had previously been excluded from traditional sources. This has included projects on the history of leisure and commemoration, and work that has offered new perspectives on various immigrant and ethnic minority groups and aspects of women’s history, as well as the labour movement and working class communities. The projects have resulted in a number of books, articles, conference papers and project websites, all of this information is available here:

    The archive includes
    - Greenhead Stories Oral History Project
    - Two Minute Silence Oral History Project
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