• STA

    St. Andrew's Society Archive Fonds

    This collection contains the minute books charting the history and decision making process of the committee of the Huddersfield St. Andrew's Society. The minute books contain newspaper clippings, and copies of the annual dinner tickets and menu cards (loose). Correspondence about the movement and death of members are also enclosed, and annual reports. It also contains subscription and dinner chit books, a copy of the society rules, agendas for later meetings and some publicity material in the form of newspaper articles reprints and cuttings.
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  • STH

    Storthes Hall Archive Fonds

    This collection is not the official records of the Storthes Hall Hospital; these are held at West Yorkshire Archive Service reference C416

    This collection contains records of the work, buildings, facilities and activities of Storthes Hall Hospital, mostly dating from the period when it was run as an NHS mental health institution. It includes material relating to the running of the hospital, including the legal framework under which it operated. There is a fair amount of material relating to the buildings and facilities, including photographs and documents covering the history of the estate. Many of the documents in the collection are records created or used by hospital staff, whilst a few relate to patients and their visitors.

    The collection is arranged as follows:
    STH/1 Governance and administration
    STH/2 Estates and Facilities
    STH/3 Staff Records
    STH/4 Clinical and Patient-related records
    STH/5 Press Cuttings
    STH/6 Oral History Project Records
    STH/7 Films
    STH/8 Festival of Commemoration 1990
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  • TAY

    Taylor Dyson Library Fonds

    The Taylor Dyson Collection of Yorkshire books were amassed by Taylor Dyson, a former Headmaster of King James grammar school in Almondbury 1913-1945, who gifted the collection to the school. When King James' ceased to have a sixth form the collection was placed on loan with Greenhead College. The library as a specific and named collection was deposited with the University Archives in 2010 by the Old Almondburians.

    The Library chiefly consists of books relating to Yorkshire and in particular to the district of Kirklees.

    Taylor Dyson, a former Headmaster of King James' grammar school in Almondbury 1913-1945, wrote amongst others 'Almondbury and it's ancient school' and 'A History of Huddersfield'. He gifted his own extensive collection of relevant books on local history to King James' where it was kept in the headmaster's study. Between 1952-1954 the staff at King James' sought to expand pupils' exposure to extra-curricula activities which resulted in various societies being founded. The idea was to provide a wider general education so that the pupils would learn more about the world around them than could simply be taught through the then curriculum. Therefore in 1953-54 the Taylor Dyson Memorial library became available for pupils' use either through consultation or borrowing. This collection was increased through donations from various Old Boys parents and others. During it's time at King James' the collection was the responsibilty of various schoolmasters who were made responsible for it's upkeep and maintanence.
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  • TFI

    Textile Fabrics of India Archive Fonds

    In 1866 the Secretary of State for India presented to Huddersfield Mechanics' Institution a set of 18 volumes containing 700 working samples of cotton, silk and woollen textiles obtained from different parts of India. A total of twenty sets of these fabrics were prepared, at considerable cost, with the purpose of exhibiting to English merchants and manufacturers interested in the Indian trade specimens of all the important textile materials used by the people of India. Thirteen of these sets were to be deposited at selected institutions in England and seven in India. The selection of Huddersfield as a place of deposit reflects its importance as a textile town and the importance of the Mechanics' Institution as a centre of learning.

    The complete set of volumes of Textile Fabrics of India has not survived. The volumes which remain have been deposited in the University's Archives and Special Collections. A finding aid publication written by the original curator as a guide to the fabrics contained in the volumes is also available with the collection. J. Forbes Watson, The Textile Manufactures and the Costumes of the People of India (Varanasi: Indological Book House, 1982).

    This collection of fabrics from India contains Men's Garments (from Madras, Canara, Bombay, Sind, Punjab). Boy's Garments (from Canara), Women's Garments (from Madras, Canara, Dharwar, Calcutta, Pegu, Nepal) , Girl's Garments from (Madras), Muslins (from Bengal, Patna, Calcutta, Deccan), Cotton and Silk (from Bengal, Rajpootana States, Benares, Bombay), Piece Goods (from Benares, Bombay, Punjab), Chintzes (from Madras), Table Napkins (from Madras and Bombay), Towels (from Madras), Rugs (from Madras and Bengal), Handkerchiefs (from Madras), Long Cloth (from Madras).
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  • THN

    Ted Hughes Network Archive Fonds

    The Ted Hughes Network collection consists of publications of Ted Hughes’ writing in a variety of formats; including artwork, broadsides, posters, and proofs, alongside limited edition books.

    Ted Hughes was born on the 17th of August 1930, at 1 Aspinall Street, in Mytholmroyd. He was a prolific children’s writer and poet - serving as the Poet Laureate from 1984 until his death in 1998. He initially studied English at Pembroke College, Cambridge before transferring to anthropology and archaeology in his third year - after attending Mexborough Grammar School in West Yorkshire.

    Hughes was married to the American poet, Sylvia Plath with whom he had two children, Freida (1960) and Nicholas (1962), He also had a daughter, Alexandra Wevill (1965) with his partner Assia Wevill.
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  • TW

    Terry Wynn (MEP) Archive Fonds

    The collection comprises of documents and programmes relating to the sport of rugby league, collected by Terry Wynn, MEP as part of his role in the Intergroup for Rugby League in the European Parliament (1988-1995), and as a rugby league fan (1961-2010). The collection includes a good run of Open Rugby/Rugby League World magazine(1980-2010)
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  • TWL

    The White Line - Here, There, Then, Now Oral History Project Fonds

    This HLF heritage project explored the experiences of those living through the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. Oral history interviews were carried out with people who eventually migrated to Huddersfield to record their memories of pre-Partition, the Partition era and what happened afterwards.

    The project led to the creation of a film and educational resources to allow newer generations to connect and empathise with the past and across different communities.
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  • UAU

    Up and Under Project Archive Fonds

    This collection will be catalogued by Dec 2019.
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  • WFA

    Whitley Family Papers Fonds

    Papers belonging to members of the wider family of J.H. Whitley, former Speaker of the House of Commons and Chairman of the BBC.
    Includes Giulio Marchetti
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  • WGH

    Huddersfield Branch of the British Federation of Women Graduates Fonds

    This collection contains the records of the Huddersfield branch of the British Federation of Women Graduates. It contains minutes of meetings, membership records, treasurer and president project files and cuttings of the activities of the federation. It also contains photographs and records of individual members, details of anniversaries, and copies of nationally and regionally important circulars.
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