• THN

    Ted Hughes Network Archive Fonds

    Ted Hughes publications. Includes artwork, broadsides, posters, and proofs, alongside books.
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  • TW

    Terry Wynn Archive Fonds

    The collection is divided into three sections;
    1. Correspondences and Photographs relating to Terry Wynn, the European parliament or Rugby League (1988-2005)
    2. Programmes and memorabilia collected by Terry Wynn (1961-2010)
    3. Magazines collected by Terry Wynn (Open Rugby: The League Magazine and Rugby League World (1980-2010))
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  • TWL

    The White Line - Here, There, Then, Now Oral History Project Fonds

    This HLF heritage project explored the experiences of those living through the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. Oral history interviews were carried out with people who eventually migrated to Huddersfield to record their memories of pre-Partition, the Partition era and what happened afterwards.

    The project led to the creation of a film and educational resources to allow newer generations to connect and empathise with the past and across different communities.
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  • UAU

    Up and Under Project Archive Fonds

    This collection will be catalogued by Dec 2017.

    Plus website - transferred to CLS Dec 2010.
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  • WGH

    Huddersfield Branch of the British Federation of Women Graduates Fonds

    This collection contains the records of the Huddersfield branch of the British Federation of Women Graduates. It contains minutes of meetings, membership records, treasurer and president project files and cuttings of the activities of the federation. It also contains photographs and records of individual members, details of anniversaries, and copies of nationally and regionally important circulars.
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  • WHS

    Wesley Historical Society (Yorkshire) Collection Fonds

    This major collection comprises more than 13,000 printed items and some manuscripts related to Yorkshire Methodism that supplements official records deposited in the various Yorkshire local authority archives. It has a considerable number of chapel histories (but no registers) and supporting biographies/autobiographies.

    There are also general Methodist histories, Conference minutes, the Methodist Recorder newspaper and other journals and magazines.

    The collection is maintained by the Wesley Historical Society Yorkshire. Further information about the Society may be obtained from
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  • WMB

    Bell, William, Archive Fonds

    Early 20th century
    Architectural drawings collection.
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  • WOA

    Wombwell and Oxford Authentics Cricket Club Archive Fonds

    20th century
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    West Yorkshire College of Health Studies Archive Fonds

    1943 - 1996
    The archive includes governance records and a large series of student records. Artefacts such as trophies and badges are also included.
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  • YEA

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry Archive Fonds

    This collection contains administrative records, conference and committee papers, governance records, financial papers, newsletters, reports and papers relating to courses and exhibitions organised by the Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry (YEABI). There are records relating to the YEABI's role as an advisory body to the Yorkshire Council for Further Education (YCFE) and, through them, to central government. The archive contains material relating to the YEABI's role in monitoring, researching and ensuring quality in the field of building education.

    The YEABI worked alongside other organisations in the building industry, the architectural world and with technical colleges. The archives therefore contain records relating to the North Western Educational Association for the Building Industry ( NWEABI), the Institute of Builders (IOB), and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), amongst other bodies.
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