• RWD

    Ward, Ruby Archive Fonds

    These records were accumulated by Miss Ruby Ward during her career as a fever nurse, midwife and health visitor in the West Yorkshire area and further afield.

    The first series contains records relating to her training and qualification as a nurse in different specialities. The books in the fouth series also relate to this period. The second series contains records relating to a later reunion of students on her course, and an oral history interview where she recounts her life and work. The supplementary material in the fourth series may have been gathered in research for this interview, or collected by Miss Ward, the exact provenance is unknown. The third series contains photographs from the time of her training with her nursing colleague.
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  • RWW


    The papers of RW Wood, including many manuscript compositions, correspondence relating to the beginnings of the SPNM and other related papers.Reboxed into 18 boxes.

    1 14 cassettes and audio recordings of Pieces performanced by Ralph Walter Wood.
    2 Bundle of scores and some parts of music written by Ralph Walter Wood published by Anglian Edition Music Publishers with covering letter from Eric Hudes, Director of Anglian Edition. Includes Concerto for Oboe, Concerto da Camera per 10 strumenti,sonatas, string quartets, Piano Quartets, Three songs for Tenor Voice and Piano.

    This Collection will not be catalogued until December 2018.
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  • SBB

    Slaithwaite Brass Band Archive Fonds

    20th Century
    Scores used by Slaithwaite Brass Band and scores donated to Slaithwaite Brass Band by St. Hilda's Band which may have been used during competitions, performances or during 78 rpm recordings by St Hilda's Band.
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  • SCB

    Stanley Chadwick Library Fonds

    Wide range of material including Stanley Chadwick's mother's Sunday School prizes. Stanley Chadwick was a local historian of Huddersfield.
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  • SCT

    Scott, Duncan Archive Fonds

    This collection contains research files and publications around Dr Duncan Scott's 1972 PhD thesis, "A Political Sociology of Minorities - The Impact of Coloured Immigrants on Local Politics". These files include newspaper cuttings, political pamphlets and publicity material and transcriptions of interviews done with members of the local community from across the political and ethnic spectrum. Audio tapes were lost many years ago.
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  • SHE

    HESC Standard of Hand Evaluation volumes Fonds

    Hand Evaluation and Standardization Committee Standard of Hand Evaluation Volumes 1-3, by The Textile Machinery Society of Japan. Contains fabric samples.
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  • SHL

    Sand Hutton Sunday School Library Fonds

    Methodist Sunday School books collection
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  • SHW

    C Roger Shaw, Architect - Archive Fonds

    Work produced by Charles Roger Shaw when he was a student at the Huddersfield School of Art including projects for the design of a University Hostel, a British Council building, a Suburban Housing Scheme, an Agricultural Centre and his entry for a competition design for the proposed Langside College of Further Education for the Corporation of the city of Glasgow - Education Committee, mostly line drawings, all signed.
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  • SJA

    Sally Jerome Archive Fonds

    Artwork portfolio folders (up to A1 size) containing artworks by Sally Jerome. The artworks cover Sally's entire career, from her work as a graphic designer in the 1920s up until her death in 2002. The works consist of preliminary and unframed works covering a wide variety of media and subjects, including: lino prints; lithographs and monoprints; wash; water colours; acrylics; pastels; wax pastel; charcoal. The subject matter is also very broad, including: abstract; life drawing; still life; landscapes; and many townscapes, especially local industrial scene from around the Huddersfield area.

    The collection also includes a box of records that belonged to Sally Jerome. The box includes small artworks, letters, postcards, passports, newspaper cuttings, art gallery exhibition flyers, address books, interview transcripts and audio recordings.
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  • SMI

    Leonard Smith Unitarian Library Fonds

    Printed books relating to Unitarianism.
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