• PBT

    Textile Fabric Samples Collection Fonds

    Early 20th century
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  • PSC

    Stead, Peter Collection Fonds

    20th century
    Documents relating to projects and collaborations undertaken by architect Peter Stead (1922-1999). Also includes lecture notes, correspondence, diaries, notebooks, address books, press cuttings and publications. Comprises the following series - full catalogue available in hard copy in the searchroom.

    Online catalogue available (copyright West Yorkshire Archive Service)

    These series reflect the order in which the material was kept and arranged by Peter Stead
    PSC/1 Projects and collaborations 1954-1999
    PSC/2 Lectures and talks c.1956-1995
    PSC/3 Correspondence 1955-2000
    PSC/4 Administration 1958-1999
    PSC/5 Photographs, slides and negatives 1953-1999
    PSC/6 Universities 1963-1999
    PSC/7 Certificates 1972-1989
    PSC/8 Press cuttings and publications 1955-1999
    PSC/9 Miscellaneous 1955-1997
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  • PWA

    Oral History of Fascism (Ward, Paul), Archive Fonds

    This collection will be catalogued by the end of Dec 2017
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  • RAN

    Randerson Archive, Wesleyan Class Tickets Fonds

    This collection contains a large number of Wesleyan class tickets. A Wesleyan Class was a group of up to twelve worshippers, who would meet together for prayer and bible study. The Class Leader was often responsible for hosting this group, and gave out class tickets, or membership cards to members of their class. These tickets could be withheld from those unworthy of being called Methodists. These volumes contain an artifically accumulated collection, of British and some American class tickets, most mounted in albums but some loose.
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  • REN

    Renshaw Archive Fonds

    Series of textile dying notebooks
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  • RFL

    Rugby Football League Archive Fonds

    Records created by the Rugby Football League in the course of its activities as the governing body for rugby league in Britain and Ireland.

    The collection includes central administrative records relating to strategic planning. These include: minute books and correspondence; annual general meeting records; annual reports; and records relating to the Rugby Football League's involvement in the All Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group. Other administrative records include central financial records; records relating to the RFL's communication with broadcasters such as the BBC and Sky television; and records relating to governance and ensuring that clubs adhere to the RFL's operational rules.

    There are also large numbers of records relating to the Rugby Football League's role as a central body involved in organising competitions and tours which include British or Irish rugby league teams and clubs, including Academy (age-grade) rugby organised via professional clubs. Records relating to competitions include: administrative and financial records relating to individual tours and competitions; programmes; promotional records; kit (clothing), trophies and medals; photographs; and scorebooks.

    The Rugby Football League is a central representative for rugby league in Britain and Ireland; it has therefore created and collected large numbers of records as part of its relationships with professional UK clubs, rugby league supporters, amateur rugby league organisations, international rugby league clubs and governing bodies, and other sporting bodies such as the Rugby Football Union. Records created and collected as part of these relationships include administrative records such as correspondence, reports, and policies; programmes; Official Guides (year books); club records such as histories and statistics; photographs; menus; commemorative objects; magazines.

    Over the years the Rugby Football League has collected commercial publications as sources of information about the sport; these include magazines, journals and manuals on rugby league. Many of these are preserved in the archive and date from the 1940s to the 2000s. There are also some centrally collected press cuttings in the collection.

    Since the 1980s the Rugby Football League has accepted donations of personal archive collections from rugby league players, administrators and supporters. These collections range from single item donations such as Albert Rosenfeld's New South Wales cap; to much larger collections such as David Hinchliffe's administrative collection relating to the All Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group and Dai Jenkins' collection of programmes, photographs, letters and clothing relating to his rugby league career. Within supporter collections there are also a large number of press cutting scrapbooks covering a range of teams, players, countries and themes.
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  • RWD

    Ward, Ruby Archive Fonds

    These records were accumulated by Miss Ruby Ward during her career as a fever nurse, midwife and health visitor in the West Yorkshire area and further afield.

    The first series contains records relating to her training and qualification as a nurse in different specialties. The books in the fouth series also relate to this period. The second series contains records relating to a later reunion of students on her course, and an oral history interview where she recounts her life and work. The supplementary material in the fourth series may have been gathered in research for this interview, or collected by Miss Ward, the exact provenance is unknown. The third series contains photographs from the time of her training with her nursing colleague.
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  • SBB

    Slaithwaite Brass Band Archive Fonds

    20th Century
    This collection will be fully catalogued by the end of Dec 2017

    Music forming part of the Slaithwaite Brass Band Music Collection in addition to items donated to Slaithwaite Brass Band by St. Hilda's Colliery Band
    Deposit Box List
    Box number: 1
    Item reference number Description Date Any other information
    1 Ludvig van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, score and parts January 1923 Manuscript, hand of James Oliver
    2 Franz Schubert, Unfinished Symphony, score and parts. Arr. Geoffrey Hawkins Manuscript short score + printed and MS parts.
    3 Gaspare Spontini, Fernando Cortez, score July 1906 Manuscript. Used at Belle Vue Contest 1906
    4 Georges Bizet, Carmen, arr. Frederick Godfrey Printed score and handwritten and printed parts
    5 Alexandre Luigini, Ballet Russe Manuscript, parts include percussion, metronome markings in conductor's part.
    6 Richard Wagner, Grand Selection 'Wagner's Works' 1913 Printed score
    7 W. Rimmer, 'Apollo' (on favorite part-songs) 1912 Printed score
    8 Domenico Donizetti, 'Emilia' 1913 Printed score
    9 W. Rimmer, Selection of Sailor Songs Printed score (damaged but complete)
    10 Richard Wagner, Selection 'Gems of Wagner' Printed score
    11 Granville Bantock, Festival March Printed score. Written for the Coming of Age Conference of the Independent Labour Party at Bradford, 11 April 1914.
    12 W. Rimmer, Fantasia 'For King and Country' Printed score
    13 Albert Lortzing, Grad Selection 'Lortzing' Printed score
    14 W. Rimmer, Fantasia 'Recollections of Ireland' Printed score

    Box number 2
    15 Adolph Adam, Selection 'Giralda' Printed score
    16 Carl Maria von Weber, Heroic Fantasie, arr. A. Owen Set of printed parts
    17 Richard Wagner, Grand Selection from 'Rienzi', arr. S. Cope Printed score
    18 Giuseppi Verdi, Grand Selection 'Nabucco' 1914 Printed score
    19 Battle Eve Conductor's score and parts, manuscript
    20 W. Rimmer, Fantasia 'The Outlaw: An incident in the life of Robin Hood' Printed score
    21 Domenico Donizetti, Daughter of the Regiment, arr. H. Round 6 May 1907 Manuscript score
    22 Peter Tchaikovsky, Grand Selection from Eugen[e] Onegin Printed score (see item 23)
    23 Peter Tchaikovsky, Grand Selection from Eugen[e] Onegin Manuscript conductor's score, with performance annotations
    24 Wallace, Choruses, arr. Geoffrey Hawkins Manuscript set of parts
    25 Albert W. Ketelby, In a Chinese Temple Garden: Oriental Phantasy 1923 Printed parts
    26 Montague Ring (alias for Amanda Aldridge), Three African Dances 1913 Printed score with manuscript parts
    27 G. T. Thalber-Ball, Elegy Manuscript score and parts
    28 Anon, Freedom and Honour March, arr. F. C. Beck Manuscript parts
    29 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Men of Harlech, arr. H. Round Manuscript, autograph of R. Dennison, Band Master South Shields. Part 8 has MS part for Barbiola Galop on reverse; parts 13 and 16 have Fantasia on reverse.

    Box number 3
    30 George Frederick Handel, Acis and Galatea and Tchaikovsky, Eugene Onegin, and Il Furioso, arr. Godfrey 21 August 1910 Two handwritten scores for Acis and Galatea, one definited from Upper Slaithwaite, kept with manuscript and printed parts. Used as Belle Vue contest piece.
    31 Meyerbeer, Selection from Dinorah, arr. J. E. Hoosen Manuscript score
    32 Anon, Selection 'Beauties of England', arr. E. Newton. Manuscript. End missing.
    33 Aubert, Grand Selection 'Crown Diamond' Solo cornet part, manuscript.
    34 Percy Code, Lucille. Cornet solo. Manuscript. Parts copied by 'JGC'?
    35 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Grand Selection from Hiawatha, arr. Godfrey Printed
    36 Giacomo Rossini, William Tell Overture Manuscript. St Hilda's band recorded this to LP in 1912/1913, where they used an arrangement by W. Rimmer: this may be the music from which they performed. Recording preserved at
    Box number 4
    37 Albert W. Ketelby, Chal Romano (Gipsy Lad) Printed set of parts
    38 Horatio Nicholls, Gems Manuscript set of parts. Horatio Nicholls was a pseudonym for Lawrence Wright, president of the National Brass Band Club (see item 47).
    39 Meyerbeer, Il Profeta Selection, arr. A. Owen Printed set of parts
    40 Anon, Grand Selection, arr. A. Owen Printed set of parts
    41 Arthur Wood, Royal Progress : A Ceremonial March Printed set of parts
    42 [J. Ord?] Hume, Wedding Bells Manuscript set of parts
    43 Edward German, Overture: Richard III Printed score and parts.
    44 Weber, Selection from Oberon, arr. A. Owen Printed set of parts.
    45 Hartman, Auld Lang Syne Manuscript set of parts

    Box number 5
    46 Gatty Sellars, At the Temple Gates, arr. Hubert Bath Printed set of parts
    47 Gene Williams, Imagination. Valse. Manuscript set of parts. Gene Williams was a pseudonym of Lawrence Wright (see also item 38).
    48 J. Ord Hume, Quick March: Our Division Manuscript set of parts.
    49 R. B. Haywood, Reverie: Eventide Manuscript set of parts, mounted on cardboard.
    50 J. Ord Hume, Quick March: Steel for Steel Manuscript set of parts
    51 Franz von Suppé, Poet and Peasant Manuscript score, with performance annotations.
    52 Fritz Brase, Bi-Centenart March 1931 Printed (piano) score and manuscript set of parts
    53 Ludvig van Beethoven, Minuet in A flat, arr. J. Ord Hume Manuscript set of parts. This piece is Beethoven's Minuet in G major, but transposed.
    54 Hermann Goetz, The Taming of the Shrew Selection Manuscript score and printed and manuscript parts

    55 Julian Sherwood, Flag of British Empire: Heroic March, arr. J Ord Hume Manuscript set of parts. Note reads: 'Bars 1-8 to be played at ceremonials and unveiling of flags'.
    56 Rossini, Chorus from William Tell, arr. Geoffrey Hawkins Manuscript set of parts.
    57 Ludvig van Beethoven, Overture to the Ballet [The Creatures of] Prometheus, op. 43, arr. J. Manley Manuscript set of parts.

    Box number 6
    58 W. Rimmer, Petite Romance: Pierrot and Pierrette Manuscript set of parts
    59 Edward German, Three Dances from the Music to Henry VIII Set of printed parts.
    60 Richard Tauber and G. H. Clutsam, Selection from the B. I. P. Film 'Heart's Desire', arr. Arthur Wood Printed set of parts.
    61 Geoffrey Hawkins, Jolly Times Manuscript set of parts
    62 Alexandre Luigini, Egyptian Ballet [Ballet Egyptien], arr. W. Rimmer Manuscript set of parts
    63 Damaré, L'élégante, cornet polka, arr. A. Morelli Printed set of parts
    64 T. H. Clough, The Winning Spirit, trombone solo Manuscript set of parts

    Box number 7
    65 Franz Schubert, Overture: Rosamunde Printed score and parts, bound
    66 Jules Legendre, Souvenir du Poitou, Air Varie, arr. G. Marshall. Trombone solo. Manuscript set of parts
    67 J. W. Elliot, Humoresque for 3 Trombones: Three Wise Fools Manuscript score and set of parts
    68 Daniel Auber, Grand Selection from Les Diamants de la Couronne 1912 Printed score and parts, published for the Belle Vue Gardens, Manchester, Champion Brass Band Contest (2 September 1912). Parts bear same date in manuscript.
    69 Robert Katscher, Selection on Melodies from 'Wonder Bar' Printed set of parts
    70 J. Ord Hume, Quick March: Chimes of Joy Manuscript set of parts
    71 William Smith [Rockstro], Reverie: Bells at Sunset Manuscript score and parts

    Manuscript score and parts for 'Merridale' by Haydn Wood, 1948. This piece was 'written expressly for and dedicated to Slaithwaite Brass Band'
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  • SCB

    Stanley Chadwick Library Fonds

    Wide range of material including Stanley Chadwick's mother's Sunday School prizes
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  • SCT

    Scott, Duncan Archive Fonds

    This collection contains research files and publications around Dr Duncan Scott's 1972 PhD thesis, "A Political Sociology of Minorities - The Impact of Coloured Immigrants on Local Politics". These files include newspaper cuttings, political pamphlets and publicity material and transcriptions of interviews done with members of the local community from across the political and ethnic spectrum. Audio tapes were lost many years ago.
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