• AGD

    Gardiner, Arthur, personal papers and library Fonds

    Personal papers of Arthur Gardiner, notable conscientious objector during the First World War and later Mayor of Huddersfield.

    Papers include letters and diary, photographs, Conscientious Objection Tribunal and newspaper cuttings. The Library is of works (by other authors) chiefly on socialism, politics, local and national history, science, social history.

    The collections also features an exhibition board of Arthur Gardiner produced for a Local History Exhibition at the University of Huddersfield, 2006
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  • AIR

    The Future In/Of the Past Fonds

    This collection derived from a Leverhulme funded 'Artist in Residence' project where Poulomi Desai spent time embedded in the University Archives.

    The collection contains: stainless steel archive box
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  • AJK

    Ashley Jackson Archive Fonds

    Rushes and film footage of documentary made by ITV on Ashley Jackson in the 1970s. Also a digital copy of the documentary.

    One copy of the book Ashley Jackson's Yorkshire Moors: A Love Affair, signed and deposited by the author.
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  • ALP

    Pacey, Arnold Leslie, Sermons Archive Fonds

    This collection contains the sermons and registers of Arnold Pacey, a Methodist preacher. He preached across a number of circuits in Lancashire and Yorkshire and also went to China to preach there. The collection also includes a biography and diary extracts from his wife Mildred's experiences in China when she was a missionary nurse.
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  • ASV

    Asian Voices Oral History Project Archive Fonds

    Asian Voices resulted from a £50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant awarded in 2008 for the University of Huddersfield to document the experiences of first generation South Asian settlers through a groundbreaking oral history project. West Yorkshire has the highest concentration of South Asian origin residents outside London with particularly large communities in Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale. Many of the first settlers migrated over fifty years ago and their experience are largely overlooked in conventional historical records.

    The Asian Voices project aimed to record oral testimonies of first generation settlers from South Asian communities across West Yorkshire in order to preserve their memories for current and future generations. The project consists of a collection of interviews which focus on two main themes: ‘migration and settlement’, and give an insight into issues such as work, worship and leisure. The research offers a window into the experience of settling into Britain and adjusting to life in a foreign environment and celebrates the role first generation South Asian settlers have played in helping to shape multi-cultural Britain.
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  • AWI

    Wilson, Alistair, Library Fonds

    Part of the library of Dr Alistair Wilson, Aberdare GP and active member of the Communist Party. Includes photograph of Alistair Wilson circa 1980.

    Part of his library is in the South Wales Miners' Library.
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  • BAL

    Lockwood, Baroness Betty - Oral History Project Archive Fonds

    1976 - 2010
    The collection contains:
    1. Transcript of oral history interview of Baroness Lockwood by Clare Jenkins 25th February 2010
    2. Women and Men in Britain:A statistical profile (London: HMSO, 1986) part of the Equal Opportunities Commission
    3. Equal Opportunities Commission: Second Annual Report 1977 (London: HMSO, 1978)
    4. Catherine Marsh, Hours of Work of Women and Men in Britain (London, HMSO, 1991) part of the Equal Opportunities Commission research series
    5. Challenging inequalities between men and women: twenty years of progess, 1976 - 1996
    6. Equal Opportunities Commission 1976: The Annual Report of The Equal Opportunities Commission 1976 (London: HMSO, 1976)

    This collection will be fully catalogued by the end of Dec 2017.
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  • BAM

    Bamforth and Company Limited Collection Fonds

    20th century
    Material relating to all aspects of the output of Bamforth and Co Limited of Holmfirth, including published products and production materials. Products include postcards, greeting cards, lantern slides, photographs and calendars. Production materials include original artwork, printed proofs and photographic negatives. Also publicity material and general business archive papers. In addition there is an archive of research by Jack Sammons, paperwork from Holmfirth Postcard Museum, paperwork from Major Scherer, collection documentation, paperwork and general correspondence.

    Please note that the majority of this collection is uncatalogued and very limited information is available. If you have specific queries about this collection, please contact Kirklees Museums in the first instance
    This collection is owned by Kirklees Museums and Heritage Quay provides storage and some limited public access. Tolson Museum has provided a limited amount of catalogue data covering the original artwork created by Bamforth & Co only. The remainder of the collection is uncatalogued and public access may be restricted, although Heritage Quay will make reasonable endeavours to assist those who want to use the collection.

    Disclaimer: The primary artworks reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. Some of the designs of this period, including those created by black, Asian and minority ethnic or female artists, feature words, phrases, "dialect" portrayals and artistic depictions that can be considered offensive and demeaning. The University of Huddersfield does not endorse the views expressed in such designs, but is presenting this aspect of UK history in order to enable hidden narratives to be uncovered and to strengthen the coverage of under-represented or hidden narratives or unheard/disregarded voices.
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  • BCT

    Barnsley College of Technology Archive Fonds

    This archive contains material relating to Barnsley Mining and Technical College, later the Barnsley College of Technology. In addition to a set of prospectuses covering the years around the 1950s, it also contains supplementary material, including officially published reports on the mining sector, training materials, a sector journal, and some sales material relating to mining equipment. It also contains a 2005 era graduation photograph from when the college became affiliated with Huddersfield as University College Barnsley.
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  • BDB

    Hippisley-Cox, Charles: British Dance Band Collection Fonds

    A collection of approximately 12,000 shellac 78 RPM and vinyl records containing at least 17,000 audio recordings of British Dance Band music from the 1910s to the1940s. The collection has been assembled by Charles Hippisley-Cox, a Senior Lecturer in Architectural Studies at the University of Huddersfield, who first started collecting the recordings in the early 1970s. The main focus of the collection is British recordings of dance band music from the inter-war period (the "Golden Age" of the British dance bands is widely believed to have been between 1928 and 1935), however there are some early examples of ragtime recordings from the 1910s and many recordings that were released throughout the 1940s. The vast majority of the records in the collection were commercially published 10-inch 78 rpm shellac discs with an A-side and B-side that both contain one track of up to three minutes, however there are also many rare and unreleased recordings that were never commercially distributed, and records that were made of other materials such as vinyl, card, glass, celluloid, aluminium and casein.

    The collection is arranged by the name of the band or surname of the band leader that created the recording. This is the original order in which Charles Hippisley-Cox arranged and accessed the collection. The collection includes the recordingss of many famous dance band leaders such as Bert Ambrose, Roy Fox, Jack Hylton and Debroy Somers, and many famous dance bands such as the Savoy Orpheans, the Savoy Havana Band and the New Mayfair Dance Orchestra, but there are also thousands of recordings of less well-known bands.

    To ensure the long-term preservation of these audio recordings the full collection has been digitised to current audio archival standards and access to the audio recordings is provided by these digital surrogates (copies), the physical records are accessible for researchers to consult alongside the digital audio.

    The collection also includes a copy of the discography British Dance Bands On Record, 1911 To 1945, by Brian Rust and Sandy Forbes. This discography contains information about many of the recordings within this collection.

    Disclaimer: These primary historical recordings reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. Some of the music of this period, including that composed by black, Asian and minority ethnic composers, features words, phrases, and "dialect" portrayals that can be considered offensive and demeaning. The University of Huddersfield and the collector do not endorse the views expressed in these collections, but is presenting this aspect of UK history in order to enable hidden narratives to be uncovered and to strengthen the coverage of under-represented or unheard/disregarded voices.

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