• BMC/Tate/1/2/7

    Score: Movements for String Quartet Item

    Movements for String Quartet is a 4-movement piece for a conventional string quartet: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello which was published by Oxford University Press.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/2/8

    Score: Seven Lincolnshire Folk Songs (Grainger) Item

    This is a rough score of Seven Lincolnshire Folk Songs, which was later published by Oxford University Press. The title on this rough score is Grainger, and it contains lots of annotations and corrections. It is written for 2 voices, celesta and piano
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  • BMC/Tate/1/2/9

    Score: Sonatina for Two Pianos Item

    The Sonatina was originally published by Oxford University Press, but this item includes a printed copy with handwritten amendments and the copyright information has been crossed out. The second item is a photocopy of this amended score. The Sonatina is written for two pianos.
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  • BMC/Tate/2

    Personal Papers Subfonds

    Mid-late 20th century
    This section contains the personal documents created or acquired by the composer Phyllis Tate. There are letters, administrative papers from publishers and other personal items.
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  • BMC/Tate/2/1

    Phyllis Tate music catalogue file Item

    Late 20th century
    This file holds a list of Phyllis Tate/Oxford University Press Copyrights, a list of unpublished works, and a collection of letters regarding copyright information with a possible view to construct a catalogue of works.
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  • BMC/Tate/2/2

    Phyllis Tate personal ephemera Item

    Mid-late 20th century
    This file holds a poem written for the Youth Rally at the Royal Albert Hall on May 18th 1937, a magnetic tape recording of Symphony No.4 by Humphrey Searle on the BBC Third Programme, an article about composer Rebecca Clarke, a poem/lyric-sheet entitled 'Ballad of The Red-Headed Man', and a typewriter invoice.
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  • JRS

    Julian Rushton collection of letters from Elizabeth Maconchy and Phyllis Tate Fonds

    Five letters from Elizabeth Maconchy and seven letters from Phyllis Tate to Julian Rushton concerning a composition competition held at the Wangford Festival, Suffolk in the 1970s. Julian Rushton was the co-ordinator of the festival and Phyllis Tate and Elizabeth Maconchy were the expert judges of the competition.
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  • PTA

    Phyllis Tate Archive Fonds

    Items relating to the composer Phyllis Tate donated by Celia Frank, Phyllis Tate's daughter. The collection is currently uncatalogued, but includes:

    -61 MP3 audio files of music by Phyllis Tate. The works include: orchestral music; instrumental and chamber music; music for voice and instruments; major choral works; operas; music for schools and young people.
    - 1 DVD recording of the BBC TV Opera "Dark Pilgrimage" by Phyllis Tate (digital copy transferred to archive servers).
    - 36 envelopes containing records and information (reviews, programmes, newspaper cuttings) relating to individual compositions by Phyllis Tate.
    - 45 songs sheet music booklets for songs arranged by Phyllis Tate and published by Oxford University Press as part of The Oxford Choral Songs series.
    - 2 files containing magazine articles about Phyllis Tate and her work.
    - 1 manuscript unpublished score of "Duende" by Phyllis Tate (Celia Frank believes this may be an original draft for P Tate's work "Invasion")
    - 1 score of "St Martha & The Dragon" by Phyllis Tate.
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