• BMC/Tate/1/1/25

    Score: Beuty Bright Item

    c. 1978
    Beauty Bright is a musical setting of words by William Blake, written for 2 voices (soprano?) and piano. Accompanying this copy of the lullaby are two letters, both from Virginia (Rushton). The first (12th July 1978) is requesting a copy of the piece to play at a charity event for LIFE later that year, and the second (13th October 1978) is thanking Tate for sending the piece, with amendments, for the concert.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/26

    Score: All the World's a Stage Item

    All the World's a Stage is a piece based on the words of William Shakespear.This item includesa full score of hire material which has attached to it programme notes, a lyric sheet, and a note about instrumentation. It was commissioned by the Eastern Arts Association. It was written for choir (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and full orchestra: flute1+2, piccolo, oboe 1+2, clarinets 1+2, bassoons 1+2, horns 1-4, trumpets 1+2, trombones 1+2, bass trombone, tuba, timpani, tuned percussion, cymbals, violins 1+2, violas, cellos and basses.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/27

    Score: Cradle Song Item

    There are two photocopies of Cradle Song, which was based on a poem by William Blake. Written for full choir (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/28

    Score: Scenes Trom Tyneside Item

    Scenes From Tyneside is a work based on Northumbrian folk songs. It was originally written for the Syrinx Trio with financial assistance from Northern Arts.There are 6 'scenes': I- The Sandgate Lass's Lament, II- Gan To The Kye Wi'Me, III- Elsie Marley, IV- Of All The Youths, V- Died Of Love, VI- The Quayside Shaver.This item includesa handwritten score with amendments, a printed clarinet part, handwritten transparencies, lyric sheets, printed transparencies with listed corrections and printed copies of the folk songs being rewritten. It was composed for mezzo soprano, clarinet and piano.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/29

    Score: Vagaries, Poems for my Children Item

    "Vagaries", 'Whimsical or Extravagant Notions' is a musical setting of a selection of poems by Thomas Miller. It consists of 4 movements: I- Child and Mother, II- The Poor London Girl, III- The Water-Cress Seller, IV- The Cradle Song.This item includesa complete handwritten score with amendments, copies of the original poems used, and a clean score. It was written for mezzo, harmonium and electric organ.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/3

    Score: London Fields Item

    London Fields was comissioned by the BBC for the Light Music Festival of 1958. It is written for full orchestra (+harp) and is unpublished.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/30

    Score: Divertimento Item

    Divertimento is a piece thought to be consisting of 3 movements. The first movement is missing from this item but there are versions of movement II- Serenade and movement III- Rondo Capriccioso.This item includes a clean score, a rough score (both incomplete) and transparencies. It was composed for flute, viola and guitar.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/31

    Score: Compassion Item

    Compassion is a large work which was commissioned by the Arts Council of Great Britain to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Free Hospital. Using words from a poem by Ursula Vaughan Williams, the piece is written for a large orchestra, choir, and two vocal soloists. Instrumentation includes: Flute 1&2, Oboe 1&2, Clarinet 1&2, Bassoons 1&2, Horns 1&2, Trumpets 1&2, Timpani (x2), percussion, Soprano Solo, Contralto Solo, Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses, Violin 1&2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/32

    Score: The Ballad of Reading Gaol Item

    The Ballad of Reading Gaol is a musical setting of the poem by Oscar Wilde. There are 3 printed copies of the full score, an individual cello part, a rough score with accompanying documents detailing program notes, premiere information and her copy of Wilde's poem, and 2 sets of transparencies. Written for baritone, cello and organ (previously chamber organ in rough copies).
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/33

    Score: Three Pieces (for solo clarinet) Item

    Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet consists of I- Promenade, II- Canzonetta, III- Dance. This item includes a rough copy of the score, a full score with corrections and a photocopy of the score with corrections. Scored for solo clarinet.
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