• BMC/Tate

    Phyllis Tate Collection Subfonds

    A collection of scores and a small amount of personal papers created/acquired by the composer Phyllis Tate. This collection was donated to the British Music Information Centre by Phyllis Tate's family. The scores include manuscript and printed versions of both published and unpublished musical works. This collection also includes personal files containing poems and articles acquired by Tate as well as administrative documents from her publisher, Oxford University Press,
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  • BMC/Tate/1

    Musical Works Subfonds

    This area contains a collection of Phyllis Tate's musical works. It includes dated and undated works, with the dated works spanning from c.1955-1982. There are works for a huge range of different ensembles, as well as published and unpublished works. The scores in this catalogue have been ordered by date, where a date is given, and alphabetically by title where no date is evident.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1

    Dated Works Series

    This series contains dated scores by Phyllis Tate c1955-1982, including printed scores and handwritten manuscripts of both published and unpublished works.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/1

    Score: String Quartet in F Item

    This file includes a set of uncorrected parts with extra parts for 2nd violin. Some of the parts have hand-written rehearsal marking and bow indications. Written for 1st Violin, 2nd Violin, Viola and Cello.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/10

    Score: Christmas Ale Item

    Christmas Ale is a work for soloist, chorus and orchestra in 3 sections. This item includes parts 1, 2 & 3 in full handwritten scores as well as full vocal scores of all 3 sections with handwritten amendments. There is also some transparencies of the score in the collection. It is likely that this piece was written for jazz singer Cleo Lane (for whom Tate had written for before), as the solo line is named 'Cleo' in the scores. Instrumentation includes: soloist (Cleo Lane), chorus, flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet in A, bassoon, horns 1+2, trumpet in C, timpani, percussion, harp, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and basses.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/11

    Score: Apparitions Item

    Apparitions is a collection of 4 traditional songs/ballads scored for tenor voice, harmonica, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and piano. The collection sits between two short pieces, assumed to be composed by Tate, called Evocation and Envoi., and the four songs are named as follows: 1- "The Wife of Usher's Well" (traditional Scottish ballad), 2- "The Suffolk Miracle" (narrative ballad), 3- "The Unquiet Grave" (trad: English ballad), 4- "Unfortunate Miss Bailey" (broadside or sheet ballad [1888]).
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/12

    Score: Coastal Ballads Item

    Coastal Ballads is a collection based on traditional Northumbrian sea songs. This item includes a handwritten score with amendments, rough transparencies, clean transparencies, printed parts and photocopied parts. It is written in the full score that it was commissioned by the Mid-Northumberland Arts Group for the Ashington Festival in May 1969 and the cycle is listed as: I- The Anti-Gallican Privateer (Tyneside), II- The Water of Tyne (Hexham on Tyne), III- Andrew Carr (Newcastle), IV- I Drew My Ship Into a Harbour (Seaton Sluice), V- O The Bonny Fisher Lad (Bamburgh), VI- Here's The Tender Coming (Shields), VII- Billy Boy (Blyth). It is scored for bass voice, clarinet in A, horn, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and double bass.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/13

    Score: Words by Joseph Beaumont, To Item

    To Words By Joseph Beaumont, 1616-1699 is a work consisting of 3 songs for women's voices with accompaniment: I- When Love, II- The Gnat, III- House and Home. There are parts for soprano 1+2 and alto, with piano accompaniment. This item includes a handwritten score with amendments and printed lyric sheets.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/14

    Score: Twice in a Blue Moon Item

    Twice in a Blue Moon is a Fantasy Operetta with words by C. Hassall and music by Phyllis Tate. This item includes a full score with handwritten amendments, and an edited epilogue. On the back cover of the score there are rough notes on ideas for instrumentation (mainly percussion) written in pencil.
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  • BMC/Tate/1/1/15

    Score: Victorian Garland, A Item

    A Victorian Garland is a collection of 3 songs: 1- Morality, 2- Lines Written in Kensington Gardens, 3- A Memory-Picture. There is a printed, published copy of Tate's handwritten manuscript. It is scored for soprano and contralto solo voices, horn and piano.
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