• MKN/AV/2/2/35

    Imogen's War - Mikron Theatre Company - 28.6.98 Item

    28 Jun 1998
    Cassette. Mikron Theatre Company performance.
    Imogen's War
    Calf Heath Marina
    28th June 1998
    Elizabeth Eves
    Vashti Maclachlan
    Richard Povall
    Charlie Moon
    Written by Mike Lucas & Sarah Parks
    Music & Lyrics by Jim Woodland
    Directed by Mike Lucas
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/36

    Cassette Tape, 'Running Down the Line' Item

    nd [?1999]
    Amateur recording of a play by the Mikron Theatre Company exploring the history of the railways in Britain. Includes songs.
    This recording has been digitised.
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  • MKN/AV/2/3

    Amateur Video Recordings of Mikron Theatre Company Performances Subseries

    Videos given to Mikron, recorded by supporters and friends.
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  • MKN/AV/2/3/1

    Video, 'Free for All' and 'A Place to Stand' Item

    31 May 1990 - 4 Jun 1990
    Mikron Theatre Company, filmed performances of two plays.
    'Free for All' 105 minutes
    'A Place to Stand' 100 minutes
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  • MKN/AV/2/3/2

    Video, 'Spirit of the Age', Stanley Arms Item

    29 May 1991
    VHS tape recorded by Pat Horstman (?), featuring a live performance at Anderton of a Mikron Theatre Company play.
    Length: 1 1/2 hours
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  • MKN/AV/2/3/3

    Video, 'Imogen's War' and 'Spirit of the Age' Item

    26 May 1992-20 Aug 1992
    Mikron Theatre Company, filmed performances of two plays.
    'Imogen's War', recorded at the Stanley Arms, and 'Spirit of the Age', recorded at Wild Hollow. Note: the final 2 1/2 minutes of the latter are missing due to lack of tape.
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  • MKN/AV/2/3/4

    Video, 'Beer Street' Item

    3 Nov 1994
    Filmed performance of a Mikron Theatre Company play, recorded at The Black Bull, Mirfield by Pat Horstman and Barbara Horstman.
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  • MKN/AV/3

    Heritage Projects, Mikron Theatre Company Series

    This series consists of records relating to heritage projects organised by Mikron, including displays, Mike Lucas' contribution to the Unfinished Histories theatre histories project, information on the history of Mikron, filmed recordings by Mikron of their shows (often called ‘Mikron Archive’), with scrapbooks and files of 'heritage material' created by Mikron staff.

    See also Friends of Mikron subseries for events commemorating anniversaries.
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  • MKN/AV/3/1

    Heritage Scrapbooks, Files and Displays, Mikron Theatre Company Subseries

    Scrapbooks and files compiled as ‘heritage’, including digitisation projects undertaken by Mikron.
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  • MKN/AV/3/1/1

    'Mikron Production Photos' Scrapbook Item

    Mainly black and white photographs from Mikron Theatre Company productions. Includes some images of the cast operating the narrowboat 'Tyseley'.
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