• MKN/AV/2/2/15

    Cassette Tape, 'Human Heartbeat' and 'Mikron 1989 A Place to Stand' Item

    Mikron Theatre Company, recording of a sound effect, short excerpts of dialogue and songs from Mikron's play about Luddites.
    Side A:
    Human Heartbeat - 4 mins 46 secs
    The Web That I Weave
    The Saviour of Mankind

    Side B:
    Land of Lost Content
    Napoleon & George
    Enochs Hammer
    Kings Wool
    Rawtolds Mill
    Brighton Downs

    This recording has been digitised.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/16

    Rise and Fall - The Railway - 2.12.89 Item

    2 Dec 1989
    Cassette. Mikron Theatre Company.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/17

    Cassette, 'Rise and Fall', The Railway 1989 Item

    Cassette. Audio recording of a Mikron Theatre Company performance.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/18

    Spirit Of The Age I and II- The Lock - 17.8.92 Item

    17 Aug 1992
    Cassette. Side A and B : Spirit Of The Age
    Mikron Theatre Company
    The Lock, Wolverley
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/19

    A View From The Hills' - Marsden Mechanics - 20.11.92 Item

    20 Nov 1992
    Cassette. Mikron Theatre Company performance.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/20

    Cassette, 'Imogen's War' Portland Basin Industrial Heritage Centre Item

    26 Nov 1992
    Audio recording of Mikron Theatre Company performance.
    2 copies.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/21

    Mikron Theatre Company performance, 'Beer Street' Item

    Cassettes. Double tape box. Recorded at The Boat Inn, Thrupp.
    Mikron Theatre Company
    Beer Street
    The Boat Inn, Thrupp
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/22

    Beer Street Item

    nd [?1994]
    Cassette. Recording of Mikron Theatre Company performance of 'Beer Street' at the Queen's Head - Eynsham
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/23

    Manchester-Super-Mare Item

    29 Nov 1994
    Cassette. Side A and B. Mikron Theatre Company
    "Manchester Super Mare"
    Recorded 29th November 1994 at The Marquis of Granby, Riddlesden
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/24

    Threads Of Revolution' Recorded at Marsden Mechanics - 3.12.94 Item

    3 Dec 1994
    Cassette. Mikron Theatre Company.
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