• MKN/AV/2/1/2014A

    'Mikron. The Anchor 2014, Images' Item

    Sep 2014
    CD-R with photographs taken by Paul Thurstance of a Mikron performance of 'Troupers' and an aftershow party held at the Anchor Inn, Shropshire and Union canal.
    File formats: jpeg. 54 files on disk.
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  • MKN/AV/2/1/2015

    Photographs of 'Tyseley' Item

    Colour photographs of the Mikron Theatre Company's narrowboat at a dock with other boats. Taken by Paul Thurstance.
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  • MKN/AV/2/1/2015-06-06

    Photographs, Mikron Theatre Company, 'Raising Agents' Item

    6 June 2015
    CD-R with photographs by Steve Morley taken during a Mikron performance at Blisworth.
    File formats: jpeg. 36 files on disk.
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  • MKN/AV/2/1/2015-06-07

    Photographs of Performances of 'Raising Agents' and 'One of Each' Item

    6 Jun 2015 - 7 Jul 2015
    Colour photographs taken by Steve Morley during Mikron Theatre Company performances at Blisworth, 6 June 2015, Store Bruene 7 July 2015 and Great Lonford 9 June 2015 and saved onto CD-R.
    File format: jpeg.
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  • MKN/AV/2/1/2015-10

    Photographs, 'The Anchor. The Winter Mooring. Paul Thurstance' Item

    Oct 2015
    CD-R with colour and black and white photographs of the Mikron Theatre Company's narrowboat, 'Tyseley' and cast.
    File format: JPEG. 13 items on disk.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2

    Amateur Audio Recordings of Mikron Theatre Company Performances and Music Series

    30 Oct 1972-1997
    Cassette tapes and DAT.
    Many of these tapes have been digitised and are available to access at Heritage Quay.

    1. 'Still Waters', Stoke Bruerne, 30 Oct 1972
    2. 'What a Way to Go', 28 Jul 1978
    3.. 'Just the Job', nd [?1985]
    4. 'Rise and Fall', The Railway, 2 Dec 1989
    5. 'Spirit of the Age', The Lock, Wolverley, 17 Aug 1992
    6. 'A View from the Hills', Marsden Mechanics, 20 Nov 1992
    7. 'Manchester-super-Mare', The Marquis of Granby, Riddlesden, 29 Nov 1994
    8. 'Beer Street', Queens Head, Eynsham, nd [?1994]
    9. 'Beer Street', The Boat Inn, Thrupp, 1994 (2 tapes)
    10. 'Threads of Revolution', Marsden Mechanics, 3 Dec 1994 (2 tapes)
    11. 'A Woman's Place', Marsden Mechanics, 2 Nov 1996 (2 tapes)
    12. 'If You Go Down to the Woods', 27 Jun 1998
    13. 'Imogen's War', Calf Heath Marina, 28 Jun 1998 (2 copies)

    Unlabelled Tape (Mikron Songs and monologue)
    I'd Go Back Tomorrow. (live recording)
    I'd Go Back Tomorrow, Transfer From original master (live recording, with audience participation)
    I'd Go Back Tomorrow Side 2 (live recording)
    Threads of Revolution (Side A), Beer Street (Side B): songs. [Note: Poor quality recording.]
    Master Tape - Mikron
    Speed Your Shuttle (and Change Your Tune) (Side A. Side B blank).
    Threads of Revolution (Side A), Beer Street (Side B)
    'Song - No One's Slave - Written by Theo'
    Songs from Still Waters 1972
    'Where's Our Cut' with 'Mud In Your Eye!' 'Property of Mikron Theatre' (Songs)
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/1

    Still Waters - Stoke Bruerne - 30th Oct 1972 Item

    30 Oct 1972
    Cassette. Mikron Theatre Company
    "Still Waters"
    Stoke Bruerne - 30.9.72
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/2

    Songs from 'Still Waters' Item

    Cassette. Mikron Theatre Company.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/3

    Mikron Theatre Co: What a Way To Go 28.7.78 Item

    28 Jul 1978
    This recording has been digitised and is available at Heritage Quay.
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  • MKN/AV/2/2/4

    'Mikron' Cassette Tape, Mikron Theatre Company Item

    nd [c1970s]
    Amateur recording of a performance of a play about life on the canals.
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