• MKN/PF/8/8

    Theatre Backdrop, 'A Woman's Place' Item

    nd [c2003]
    Quilted design showing a crowd of women in front of a public building. Possibly used for the Mikron Theatre Company play 'A Woman's Place', about the struggle for women's suffrage.
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  • MKN/PF/8/9

    Theatre Backdrop, 'If You Go Down to the Woods...Tales from the Newbury Bypass' Item

    Mikron Theatre Company.
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  • MLL

    Lucas, Mike, "Mikron" library Fonds

    A library maintained by Mikron Theatre Company founder Mike Lucas. The books are arranged by subject and directly relate to the themes of many Mikron shows.

    There are also a set of Waterways journals from 1973 onwards.
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