• MKN/PF/8

    Theatre Backdrops, Props, Set and Costume Designs, Mikron Theatre Company Series

    Textile backdrops (some with multiple parts), 1 set model, 4 props (sign, 'ME' mug, oversized canvas declaration of the opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal, and walking stick) and 1 set of costume designs.

    Includes backdrops for the following plays:
    Still Carrying (1983)
    Just the Job
    A View from the Hills
    Threads of Revolution
    Imogen's War
    If You Go Down to the Woods... Tales from the Newbury Bypass
    A Woman's Place (1995)
    The Lacemakers
    Beer Street
    Fair Trade (3 parts)
    Pedal Power (3 parts)
    Beer Street (2011) (3 parts)
    Striking the Balance (3 parts)
    Tales from the Thames (3 parts)

    1 unidentified play (4 parts, rolled together).

    See also MKN/AV/3 for digital photographs of Mikron Theatre Backdrops.
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  • MKN/PF/8/1

    Design for Inland Waterways badge Item

    nd [1990s]
    Part of set design [?] for Mikron Theatre Company play 'Imogen's War'.
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  • MKN/PF/8/2

    Theatre Prop, Employment Agency Sign Item

    nd [?1997]
    Plastic Mikron Theatre Company prop (or part of set), possibly from 'Just the Job'.
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  • MKN/PF/8/3

    Costume Designs, 'Pedal Power' Item

    Drawings of costumes for the Mikron Theatre Company production. Pencil, ink and watercolour.
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  • MKN/PF/8/4

    'Raising Agents' Set Model Item

    Mock-up design for the Mikron Theatre Company's play about the Women's Institute.

    Note: This item is delicate.
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  • MKN/PF/8/4A

    'Troupers' Set Model Item

    Mock-up design for the Mikron Theatre Company's play about the First World War.

    Note: This item is delicate.
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  • MKN/PF/8/5

    Theatre Backdrop, 'Just the Job' Item

    nd [?1985]
    Mikron Theatre Company.
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  • MKN/PF/8/6

    Theatre Backdrop, 'The Threads of Revolution' Item

    Mikron Theatre Company textile backdrop.

    Painted canvas. 225cm x 188cm. Approx 12cm diameter (rolled).
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  • MKN/PF/8/7

    Theatre Backdrop, 'Spirit of the Age' Item

    nd [c1990s]
    Mikron Theatre Company backdrop for 'Spirit of the Age'. Design features Union flags and human silhouettes in black.
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  • MKN/PF/8/8

    Theatre Backdrop, 'A Woman's Place' Item

    nd [c2003]
    Quilted design showing a crowd of women in front of a public building. Possibly used for the Mikron Theatre Company play 'A Woman's Place', about the struggle for women's suffrage.
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