• MCM/1/1/1/10

    The Very Best of Ian McMillan: A Book of Poems Item

    Collection of poems written by Ian McMillan aimed at Children. Published by MacMillan Children's Books.
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  • MCM/1/1/2/1

    Ian McMillan Poems to June 2010 Item

    File containg print-outs of Ian McMillan's poems from 2000-2010
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  • MCM/1/1/2/2

    Ian McMillan Poems from July 2010 Item

    A DVD containing miscellaneous poems by McMillan dated 07 Jul 2010
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  • MCM/1/2/1

    The Richard Matthewman Stories: Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape Item

    Book written by Ian McMillan and Martyn Wiley. Focuses on the life of Richard Matthewman.
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  • MCM/2/1/1

    Ian McMillan Press to June 2010 Item

    File containing press cutting, interviews, reviews and correspondance of Ian McMillan's career from 2010
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  • MCM/2/2/1

    Promotional Posters Item

    Various promotional posters of differentiating sizes promoting Ian McMillan's various shows and books.
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  • MCM/2/2/2

    Postcards Item

    Numerous Postcards promoting Ian McMillan's books and shows.
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  • MCM/3/1/1/1

    The Ian Mcmillan Orchestra: Sharp Stories Item

    5 April 2007
    CD containing spoken word poetry and music by the Ian McMillan Orchestra. Copyright Ian McMillan and Luke Carver Goss
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  • MCM/3/1/1/3

    Tubby the Tuba Item

    13 December 1998
    CD: Music by the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra. Narrated by Ian McMillan. Recorded at Victoria Hall Saltaire by Stewart Smith.
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  • MCM/3/1/1/4

    Space Place Life Item

    CD: Audio by Ian McMillan of the poetry in the 2006 volume of Space Place Life, detailing aspects of urban life for the Academy of Urbanism.
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