• CRS

    Donald Crossley Archive Fonds

    Papers collected and/or created by Donald Crossley relating to the poet Ted Hughes. Includes letters, published books of Hughes' work, mss notes, maps, photographs, (including reprographics of photographs from 1937-2008) and scrapbooks of notes and photographs relating to/depicting individual poems.
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  • CRS/1

    Donald Crossley Personal Papers Subfonds

    This section contains objects, books photographs and research concerning Crossley's life and childhood.
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  • CRS/1/1

    Objects belonging to Donald Crossley Series

    Objects gifted to Donald Crossley from Gerald Hughes.
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  • CRS/1/1/2

    Tie Item

    One of Ted's favourite ties gifted to Donald Crossley by Gerald Hughes in November 2008.
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  • CRS/1/2

    Donald Crossley's Library Series

    A collection of Donald Crossley's books.
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  • CRS/1/2/1

    Remains Of Elmet Item

    Donald Crossley's personal copy of Remains of Elmet with annotations and photographs added to many of the poems. In the back of the book there is a selection of extracts from letters from both Gerald and Ted, along with photographs of Mytholmroyd, Ted and Gerald.
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  • CRS/1/4

    Research Papers Item

    A collection of papers collected by Donald Crossley for his research
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  • CRS/1/4/2

    Folder of Research about Ted Hughes Item

    Late 1900's
    Folder containing copies and drafts of research around Ted Hughes, conducted and written by Donald Crossley
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  • CRS/2

    Donald Crossley Hughes Family Correspondence Subfonds

    Personal correspondence between Donald and the Hughes brothers.
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  • CRS/2/1

    Letters from Ted Hughes to Donald Crossley Series

    A collection of letters from Ted Hughes to Donald Crossley.
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