• CRI/CR/CAL/17

    Southowram Cricket Club Item

    Photographs, press cuttings, Meeting minutes 1992-1994 (photocopies), flyer for golf event 2007
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/18

    Stirk Bridge Cricket Club Item

    late 20thC
    Photographs and press cuttings
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/19

    Todmorden Cricket Club Item

    Photocopy of newspaper article regarding Peter Davies' exhibition and dates
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/20

    Triangle Cricket Club Item

    Photographs, press cuttings, match results, handwritten notes
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/21

    Wainstalls Cricket Club Item

    Team photographs, general photos, press cuttings, match results, handwritten notes
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/22

    Walsden Cricket Club Item

    Press cuttings,photocopies of match results, copy of a watercolour of the cricket club, timeline of club 1856-1986, photocopy of website information 2005
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/23

    Warley Town Cricket Club Item

    History of Warley village, fixture booklets for 2004 and 2007, handwritten notes, photographs, press cuttings
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/24

    West End Cricket Club Item

    late 20thC
    Handwritten notes, press cuttings, photographs
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/25

    Woodfield Park Police Cricket Club Item

    Press cuttings, photographs, match results
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  • CRI/CR/CAL/26

    Northowram Cricket Club Item

    Birth of a club description
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